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My bra? Is squeezing me like a boa constrictor. Or I should say Ďwasí since I took it off. Why yes, I am at work. Braless. Hanging free. Bouncy McBouncersons. Thankfully I have a sweater on and my job does not involve any sort of jogging or jumping so I think itís mostly on the down-low Ė if I have reason to go to the main building I suppose Iíll put it back on, but for now it feels pretty damn good to have it off and for blood to be flowing freely to all areas of my body. I suppose I really should have gone in to be refit when I put on a few pounds, but I just figured I didnít want to spend the money on new bras when I was planning on losing the weight anyway. Are there any sort of medical problems that can occur from wearing a too tight bra for 15 hours a day? I tried googling it but didnít come up with much. Needless to say, Iím stopping after work to pick up a more comfy bra because Iím going out for drinks with my friend Barb and I donít want to be gasping and fidgety all evening. Iím not joking about the medical problem either Ė I was feeling all constricted and frantic (and slightly lightheaded and achy) while the bra was on and now Iím relaxed and happy. I had actually convinced myself that I had a birth control induced blood clot lodged somewhere in my body despite the fact that since Iím healthy, donít smoke, and not over 40 the risk factor for that is very, very low. Iím such a Ďtard. I think that when I used to go to the gym after work (and I will go again Ė I have a plan that begins next Monday) this tighty bra thing wasnít such a problem because it was only on for about 8 hours and then I changed into workout clothes. This whole thing is probably all in my head, but I do swear that since I removed the Lycra Apparatus of Doom my frantic feelings have subsided so, eh? maybe not.

In (probably) unrelated news, my worst-cold-ever from back in April (I think Ė it was so long ago I canít really remember) apparently lodged itself into my inner ear and itís messing with my equilibrium. At least thatís what the doc thinks caused the couple of dizzy spells I had over the past couple of weeks. I neglected to mention the super-tight bras I was wearing as I thought this might cause her to make the crazy hypochondriac symbol on my chart Ė the adult equivalent of your permanent record. She saw some residual goo in the back of my throat (ewwwwww!) and told me to go back on the All3gra D and she gave me a Rx for meclizine for the dizziness. I love that she gives me prescriptions at the drop of a hat Ė my last doctor acted like there were a finite number of prescriptions that she could write in her lifetime and she didnít want to waste them on anything that wasnít life threatening. She even tried to get out of writing my birth control prescription by suggesting that Steve get a vascectomy (since we donít want kids). The best news of all was she renewed my birth control prescription for a year and told me that I donít need a pap smear until 2008 (new AMA recommendations or something like that). Yay! No having to put my feet in the stirrups and having my cervix scraped with a steel-wool Q-Tip (I have no proof that such an implement is used, but thatís what it feels like) for two more years!

I just re-read what I wrote Ė Hello! And welcome to Poppyís Medical Blog! So not going to happen Ė I promise. Steve claims that all he needs to be a Cranky Old Guy is the old part Ė I donít want to become the stereotypical Old Lady Medical Complainer whilst still in my 30ís so Iíll stop right now. May I never type the words Ďpap smearí ever again. At least until 2008.

3:31 p.m. - 2006-07-21


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