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Feeling hot, hot, hot

I hate to sound like every other: newsperson, journalist, blogger, citizen of the Midwest, but JEEZUS is it hot. I am also getting tired of peoples eyes bugging out when I tell them I do not have air conditioning. As in none no central air and not a window unit. They get even more crazy bugeyed when I tell them I have a window unit but we chose not to put it in (in reality the last time we used it was 2002 and its gotten so buried in our basement that Steve cant even find it). I seriously think that when you dont have AC you toughen up a little bit and your body becomes more efficient at dealing with the heat, and it really does cool down at night. That said, I also think that if my cats had opposable thumbs (and brains that can focus on something, ANYTHING, other than the junebug that was buzzing against the screen last night Toby still wants it so badly hes camped out beneath the window in case it comes back) theyd be down in the basement devising a plan to install the unit and sit directly in front, the cooling breeze ruffling the fur on their hot, hairy little bodies. * note I hear the cooling trend is supposed to start tonight around 7pm keep your fingers crossed.

I think my crazy anxiety spells are over. Im keeping my L0razepam close at hand just in case though, because it pays to be prepared. Im debating whether or not to call my doc and ask her for a recommendation for a head shrinker. Thoughts? I did manage to give myself one doozie of a stress pimple though it looks (to me anyway Steve is more of the, what pimple?school) like Ive been hit with a small BB. Its smack dab in the middle of my left cheek a place where I swear in all my bepimpled years I have never gotten a zit before. It erupted last night (ok, ok yes, I helped it) so I think its on its way out. Not that Ive ever had bad skin - even during my teenage years I usually just have one or two blemishes that crop up during the Princess Time - but if someone had told me when I was sixteen that I would still be getting zits at 37 I think the allure of being a grown-up would have been severely tarnished. I have to say that over the years I have become a master make-up artist at covering pimples - so good I should consult on the set of teen movies but the heat is killing my prowess. Its hard to carefully layer on the cover-up and the powder to set it when theres a good chance that its going to just slide off my face when I get outside.

Speaking of things from the world of beauty. Somehow in the last month I stopped biting my nails. If I knew how this happened I could make a zillion dollars, but honestly? No idea. Theyre thin and a little deformed from years of gnawing but they seem to be doing ok and I even had to trim them the other day. One of Steves sisters is having some troubles at home and to cheer her up Im taking her down to the Four Seasons on Sunday for manicures and spa pedicures maybe the pros can give me some tips while they do my nails. If nothing else my dentist will be thrilled he keeps telling me that Im damaging the (very) expensive porcelain veneers on my top, front four teeth. Before you jump to conclusions, Im not some vain Hillary Duff-type (ha, I wish) who just wanted nice teeth. I had a horseback riding accident when I was about 13 and without the veneers on my front 2 teeth Id have a very hillbilly look because they would be completely black. Class-say. I dont need people asking me which trailer park I live in. If I really like you and you enjoy the gross side of things (and if Ive had a few drinks) if you ask, I might just put a mirror into my mouth to show you the nasty dark backs of the teeth because thats the kind of girl I am I like to share.

4:28 p.m. - 2006-08-02


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