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Encounter with a monkey

The Mai-Tai No-Tie BBQ on Friday was totally surreal. It was pouring rain so the event had to be moved indoors. We arrived about half an hour into the party and the first thing I saw was a man with a monkey. Apparently the rich whitey factor gets bored easily so they had hired some sort of animal extravaganza to appear who had toted along two monkeys and two huge pissed off parrots I guess they dont like steel drum music. There was a tiki bar with two guys hacking away at cocoanuts and filling them with rum based concoctions I admit I had a couple because they were quite tasty. The whole event wasnt horrible, but I think it was greatly diminished by being inside. On the bright side, any event where I get to hold hands with a monkey is all right by me. For the record, he was a complete gentleman and he had nice dry hands with a fantastic grip. I neglected to ask the man if his monkey is trained to pick oolong tea he probably would have though I was some sort of crackpot.

On Sunday I saw The Illusionist with Tam, and although the movie was very eh (not like I didnt see THAT surprise twist coming at the end), I found myself strangely attracted to Edward Norton. Im not sure why, because of his liaison with Courtney Love hes basically damaged goods who knows what you could catch from him? I think its the broody eyes tres, tres sexy. Or maybe it was the 1900s era period costumes I do love a man in a nicely fitting vest. However, I dont know if hes sexy enough to watch the other movie he was in recently I think he played a cowboy who hooks up with Evan Rachel Wood (um isnt she like only 14 or something?) but it was supposed to suck ass in a huge way. I do also have a thing for cowboys though, so I suppose I can plonk it on the Netflix list and give it the ol college try when it becomes available.

Speaking of college I heard from my niece. She arrived safely and seems to be holding up well. She hath proclaimed college to be fun. Id like to go visit her in October and take her out for a decent meal, by then she should be in full loath mode for the craptastic meals from the food service I know I was. She goes to the University of Dayton in (duh) Dayton, Ohio. I need to do some research and see if theres a decent hotel and some non-chain places to eat and maybe (dare I hope for so much?) an art museum to visit.

Thats all for now Im heading to meet Steve at his sisters house to watch a Cubs game on tv. I hope she has some reading material around because Im pretty sure the Cubs suck Im only going for the pizza.

5:23 p.m. - 2006-08-21


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