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Well here it is, the end of August and what do I have to show for my summer? Zilch. Nada. I didnít go anywhere interesting (I donít count Effingham, IL as interesting) and I didnít do anything interesting (I donít count catching up on three years of ĎWithout a Traceí on tivo to be very worthy). This was my summer of cocooning Ė my wasted summer. But, happily Iím back on track now. Iíve been hitting the gym regularly and I have plans to finally meet with a trainer at my new gym so that they can show me how to use their weight equipment and to sign up for a ĎGroup Powerí technique class so I can go to some of the many Group Power classes that they offer. Iíve even been thinking of taking another brutal early morning Boot Camp class when Iím in a little better shape.

Steve and I leave on vacation for the Little Sugar River Farm soon for a cat and dog-hair free week of biking on pretty trails, reading loads of books, eating healthy produce based meals accompanied by some nice wine, and making bonfires in the evenings. As a matter of fact this fall, and particularly this September, is looking pretty good all around. The weekend of the 15-17 a bunch of the Green Bay Mini-Con people are coming to Chicago and it will be fabulous to see all of them and to shop, eat and drink in my own fair city. Not all of the details are worked out yet because Iím no Weetabix when it comes to planning, but Iím sure it will all be ok in the end. Then, at the end of September Steve and are taking off for St. Louis. I scraped up a pair of tickets to see the Cardinals in their new stadium and there is a beautiful new contemporary art museum and one of our favorite dealers from the Intuit Show and Sale is based here so weíre hoping to do a little outsider/found art shopping. I booked us at a really grand restored old hotel through and got such a great rate I upgraded to a suite so weíll be living large and since itís already paid for (instant charge from itís basically guilt free.

So is it true that downing cinnamon extract capsules will lower your cholesterol levels? Due to the spiral of crappy eating my cholesterol levels are looking pretty crappy and a friend of mine told me to try the cinnamon thing. Iím going to go to health food store today and see if I can find some, because I have a recheck blood test coming up on the 22nd and I would really, really like it if the levels have gone down. Iím trying to eat better Ė really I am, but deep down inside Iím weak and I can hear the sweet siren song of the frites and the aria of the pizza calling out to me. It doesnít help that Iím married to a man who could eat deep dish pizza piled high with cheese and greasy sausage every night of the week and still qualify for the super healthy premium on his life insurance Ė and I know this is the truth because he does eat pizza an awful lot and he did just qualify for the best rate on his insurance. Fie on him!

2:56 p.m. - 2006-08-31


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