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St. Louis

Giant steps have been made. After a few more recent bouts with anxiety/panic attacks/hypochondria that are only slightly relieved by the one-two punch of the Lorazapam/Lunesta, I finally called and made an appointment with a ‘mental health professional’. She sounded nice and sensible on the phone – a bit like Dr. Joyce Brothers. Steve is GREATLY relieved. I think he has grown weary of my dire pronunciations that I have some strange evil within my body that is going to kill me sometime in the next six months – not to mention the accompanying crying jags. He particularly likes it when I look at him in all seriousness and say, “you have to promise me that when I’m gone you will remarry – but not some stupid trixie.” Of course I’m no idiot (I may be crazy, but I’m not an idiot), I’m covering all my bases – I’ve also got an appointment with my regular doctor next week where I’m going to ask (beg) her to recommend me for an MRI (because I seriously don’t think any amount of head shrinking or calming drugs is going to totally allay my fears that there IS something wrong with me), some sort of mammogram or boob check that would be good for the under 40 set (because truthfully my boobs are so cysty and lumpy to begin with I’m not sure if I’d notice anything different in my monthly self-exams) and to see if she would recommend a colonoscopy (yeah, I know I’m not in the age range for most colonoscopy patients, but most people don’t have my poop issues either). I also want to see if she’ll renew my prescription for the Lorazepam. I think she will because I’ve meted out my small supply very judiciously - I’ve never taken more than one in a day and I have 15 (scratch that, now it’s 14) of the original 40 left that I picked up on March 31st – and plus if she doesn’t renew my supply when I have only one left I’ll probably have a full blown major panic attack caused by thinking about what happens when there are none left. Hooray for medical insurance.

End of medical blog because I can only imagine that it screams out BO-RING and makes anyone who might be reading this run screaming for the hills. Or at least clicking the mouse looking for something more entertaining.

Steve and I had a wonderful long weekend in St. Louis marred only by almost missing the Sunday Cardinals game that was the original reason for going down. The tickets said the game was at 3:15, but apparently the time had been changed because of a tv broadcast to 12:30. At about 1pm we were chatting with a woman in a gallery and happened to mention we were going to the game later that day. A fellow browser looked at us incredulously and said, “the game? It’s going on RIGHT NOW. They changed the time for tv – it’s been on the news all week.” Not helpful for out-of-towners. We hustled the three blocks back to the hotel and hopped in a cab. Luckily St. Louis is uncongested and wee and we made it to the game in about 15 minutes and didn’t miss a thing. In addition to taking in lovely new Busch Stadium (hey – what’s with the $7.25 beer? You would think they’d just pipe the stuff in directly from the brewery and cut the fans a break on the price of crappy beer) we stumbled into some sort of Art St. Louis event where many of the museums and galleries were open late and had free wine, beer and snax. At the first place you visited they gave out a card and if you had 5 galleries or museums stamp your card you were entered into a drawing for a free iPod. Pretty cool. We visited the Contemporary Art Museum, the Pulitzer Foundation, The Sheldon Art Galleries, and two smaller snooty galleries where the art was for sale. At one of these galleries the ass who stamped my card smirked at me and said, “looks like everyone’s GOT to have that iPod.” Stuff it Sunshine – your art was fugly. We also stumbled completely by chance into the Fabulous Fox Theater and had a complete tour and serenade by house organist Stan Kann. Of course we bought some art – we seem to manage to do that everywhere we go. I’ll try to get my shit together and pound out some more tomorrow. I haven’t even begun to describe the City Museum……..

3:47 p.m. - 2006-10-04


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