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Adult Pens

I am the biggest dork. In light of all the general anxiety I figured it would be a good time to schedule a massage, plus its Friday and all the big boss types at work are gone so nobody will miss me skipping out a little early. I managed to squeeze in an appointment with Bill (this seems like a very mundane and workmanlike name for a massage therapist the other two male therapists Ive had have been named Pierre and Travis) at my old health club so I figure Im all set. Then, while Im out grabbing some soup for lunch I happen to reach down and itch my leg. My prickly, hairy leg. Ack! I would feel horrible going in for a massage with anything less than just shaved legs (although I apparently have no problems going to work in a skirt with them) especially since the therapist is a guy. I mean Id expect some slack from a female therapist, but for some reason I think it will gross out a male therapist more. I quickly swung into a Walgreens and picked up a pack of razors and a trial size can of shave gel in Raspberry Mist scent not my first choice but I wasnt about to be picky. Thankfully, my dad is out of town and I was able to surreptitiously shave my legs in the executive bathroom sink. Not very comfortable and I kind of made a mess (that I cleaned up), but it did work and now my legs are shiny and smooth and moisturized from a trial size bottle of Walgreens Daily Moisturizing Lotion with natural Colloidal Oatmeal whatever that is. My next problem revolves around the fact that Im wearing a pair of black flats today with no socks and they make my feet a little smelly and toe-jammy. I figure Ill pop into the family locker room before my massage and do a quickie foot wash and then leave my shoes off until after the massage. Note to self keep a pair of flip-flops in the car for emergencies such as this.

This weekend is jam packed. Im meeting a friend for drinkies in Lincoln Square after the massage which should get me plenty toasted hopefully not so much so that I wind up being overserved. Im looking more for a happy buzz. Tomorrow morning I have hair appointments for a color and cut, then Steve and I are going up to the Botanic Gardens for this foo-foo antique market-y thing where our dealer buddy from St. Louis will be. Sunday Im going out with my niece who is back for the weekend from college. She wants me to take her to a specific store, but since she knows where it is and has a car available to her I suspect that there may be an ulterior motive. I think she may want to discuss some sort of adulty type thing with me and thats fine Ive always tried to present my self to her as someone she could ask questions and get a straight answer. Well see maybe she really just wants to buy some pens.

2:48 p.m. - 2006-10-06


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