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Just a shortie. I'm planning on coming back with a vengence after I return from 3taCon.

So, with the big 3taCon coming up I figured that Iíd better get with the program and start posting again. Thatís right Ė Iím headed up to Green Bay tonight after work, because when itís cold in Chicago doesnít everyone want to go somewhere thatís even colder? Fie on the people who are in Maui or Puerto Vallerta Ė they are thin blooded pussies. Iím in the throes of manic preparation: making lists, doing laundry, packing and unpacking, hurriedly copying (as in my laptop is stashed on my absent dadís desk chair and I keep making surreptitious half-hourly trips to his office to put in a new disc) swag CDís and printing/decorating CD jacketsÖÖ In addition to all the other stress, this year I had to find a new traveling companion because Alli bailed on me. She has a business trip scheduled for early next week and she doesnít want to leave baby Cali alone with the daddy-man for that long. So, not wanting to head up alone Iím bringing the fabulous Tam! (Tam! must always be followed by an !) Tam! is very excited and is also in the throes of manic prep-work which is being delayed by the numerous and wordy e-mails and voice mails that I keep sending to her with more tidbits of information, schedule updates and wardrobe suggestions. Luckily, Tam! is a very patient person.

Tam! and I are scheduled to arrive in Green Bay on tonight after a leisurely drive with a mandatory stop at the Gurnee Mills outlet mall for shopping and sustenance. I need a new black bra that actually fits and I want to check out the selection of work pants and cashmere sweaters at the Off 5th. Iím also thinking of checking out the shoes at the Off 5th Ė yíknow, just in case they have a pair that I absolutely cannot live without. Iím supposed to be looking for real snow boots Ė sort of like these, which I sort of doubt I will find amongst the shoes at Off 5th, but you never know Ė I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and the fire might just be extinguished by a pair of cute flats or cozy boots. I also had a tip from my sister-in-law that Kohlís has some really cute wrap dresses and there happens to be a Kohlís right near the train station where Iím picking Tam! up Ė how very convenient.

Iím looking forward to seeing all my Ďcon friends Ė BettyBigHead, MoreSarah, MikeIam, MoPie, Chauffi, Biensoul, TranceJen and all the rest Ė the countdown has begun!

2:59 p.m. - 2007-03-01


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