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I do believe that I am getting the evil cold/flu that is going around right now. I have an occasional dry cough and Iíve been sneezing all day Ė these are usually the precursors for some sort of deathly illness. Iím hoping that my recent spate of exercise has strengthened my immune system and it will blow over quickly. What Iím really hoping is that I donít have to spend the entire weekend on the couch with a blanket, a box of tissues and cartons of Dayquil and Nyquil, emptying out the TiVo queue while I slip in and out of drug induced sleep. Luckily my only plans for tonight are to curl up with Steve and watch the Night Listener on DVD and then tomorrow I can sleep as late as I want.

Iím having fun reading everyoneís updates about the Weetacon. Weet posted a fine video montage that pretty much sums up the fun we all had. I really enjoyed getting to see everybody but I wish I had had more time to chit-chat. Plus it sucked that TranceJen was horking out her guts all weekend and couldnít join in the fun. At least the bathrooms at the St. Brendanís are a pleasant, clean place to vomit up your stomach lining as I well know from Con I (stomach flu) and Con III (overserved). I enjoyed getting to meet new attendees LA and SusannaDanna, but I wish Iíd had more time to talk to BettyBigHead, MikeIam, Mare, and Biensoul. I missed MoreSarah too Ė I hope her gallbladder surgery went well (Sarah, if youíre out there I can swap gallbladder stories with you -mineís been gone for almost 5 years now). I still want to drive back to Green Bay and catnap the kitten that was at the sleigh ride facility.

I have the wee doggie at work with me today. I usually bring her in about once a week because my dad likes to see her. Iíve had her for a little over a year now and she just keeps on truckiní. Iíd love to know how old she is Ė she must be elderly judging from the lack of teeth (she has 4 Ĺ), cloudy eyes, and lack of enthusiasm about everything except her twice daily meals and the occasional McDonaldís plain hamburger. Steve took care of her while I was up in Green Bay and Iím quite proud of him. He doesnít really like the dog much (or really any dog) but he did manage to keep her schedule and give her breakfast and dinner.

I donít normally bitch about co-workers but I feel a good rant coming on. The woman in the next cube is starting to drive me crazy. She gets about 7-10 calls a day from her imbecile husband. How dumb is he? When he wants a pizza delivered she has to call the pizza place for him. Most of the long calls end with her exasperatedly hanging up on him, but this only leads him to call back yet again. Worse, when sheís on the phone with him she never pays attention so sheís constantly and loudly saying, ďheh?Ē I think sheís hoping heíll get the hint (fat chance) and let her get back to work. He often calls her because heís either bored or hungry. I hear her telling him what leftovers there are for him to eat and what movies they have from Netflix that he can watch. I give this marriage only until a divorce wouldnít get her deported.

Iím feeling a little verklempt because my dad and I sold the superfluous silly little car (1971 Triumph TR6). Although I didnít drive it much last year I did like knowing it was there, however, I like the influx of cash at this spendy time of home improvement even more. Plus, I didnít really have the time or knowledge to take care of it properly and it should go to someone who can appreciate it. RIP my little red friend.

Food Blog:
Exercise yesterday: ran 1.5 miles, then did 13 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then jogged the four blocks home. I need some new uptempo workout songs so if you have any suggestions drop me a line.

Dinner last night: 3 slices of thin crust pizza from the Homemade Pizza Co. (uses really fresh ingredients so itís not too-too bad), salad, and a very small scoop of ice cream.

Breakfast: coffee/banana

Lunch: Iím torn. I could eat rice cakes & peanut butter, but I could go out for a veggie sub from Jimmy Johnís. I think Iím just having pea soup and a salad for dinner tonight so I might splurge on the sub for lunch. Note: I did indeed splurge on the sub but I passed on the combo meal which would have added chips and a drink (usually an Arnold Palmer which, for those not in the know, is half iced tea and half lemonade).

No snack today.

3:25 p.m. - 2007-03-09


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