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Imelda in training

Today is one of those days where I wish I had a George Costanza-ish bed in a secret cubby under my desk where I could disappear for a nice long nap. Iíve had trouble sleeping every night this week so last night I took a Unisom gelcap (donít want to use up the precious few Lunesta that are left) and I can now see the difference between prescription and non-prescription sleep aids. The over-the-counter ones arenít as Ďcleaní as the good ones Ė they leave you feeling all fuzzy and disoriented in the morning. While Iím both wishing and complaining I can add that I really wish my head cold after-effects would clear up because Iím tired of blowing snot rockets out of my nose.

< href=>Ms. Bix was in town on Tuesday so I skipped the animal shelter in favor of frivolous shopping and a nice dinner. We hit a suburban outpost of Nordstrom Rack where I bought four pairs of shoes. Yes, four. But, in my defense they were all either really cheap or massively marked down so in total I only spent $100. None of the four pairs are particularly practical so Iím going to have to sneak them into the house one pair at a time. Steve probably wonít pick out the hipster Keds-type as new to the shoe rotation, but Iím pretty sure the bright pink wellies with cupcakes printed on them are going to stand out a bit. I suppose I can always argue that they were only $19.99 and that I (sort of) needed rain boots. Iíll take the real heat next fall when I break out the two pairs of stylish mid-calf boots. Oh well Ė Iím sure Ferdinand yelled at Imelda too.

After the Rack Weet and I went to the real Nordstrom where I found my backbone and just said no to a pair of maroon patent Marc Jacobs wedgies that had been marked down to less than half. The problem was that the less than half was still more than I had paid for the other four pairs of shoes combined, so I couldnít justify them. Plus Steve hates wedge heels and Weet felt that to promote marital harmony I should pass on the shoes no matter how fabulous they were. And oh were they. I fear that theyíll fall onto the list of the ones that got away, but it shall have to be. As a side note, Weet mentioned that Esteban is also a hater of wedge heels Ė do all men hate wedge heels? I know that Steve in particular hates the ones that are made of cork because he thinks they look whore-ish. HmmmÖ the Marc Jacobs wedge was covered in the same maroon patent as the upper part of the shoe Ė maybe they would have passed scrutiny. I suppose I should just let it go. I swooned over a number of purses and almost bought a marked down wallet, but instead I was good and just bought a replacement tub of Philosophyís Hope in a Jar. The next stop was the mineral make-up store. Weet wears the stuff and her skin always looks smooth and even so I figured it was time to be converted. A very sweet girl who kept calling me Ďhoní helped me find my correct color and steered me towards the value packed starter kit. I havenít tried it at home yet because Weet told me that for the first couple of days it takes a little longer to get the hang of it and Iíd rather try it over the weekend when I have time to putter. By the time we were done here both Weet and I were so hungry that the little pots of brightly colored mineral eye shadows were starting to look tasty so we hightailed it to Benihana. Since Iím normally not a fan of the Benihana concept (i.e. having to sit with strangers) Iíve only been once before and that was at lunch. Luckily since we were there at the tail end of the night we only had to sit with two other people and they were at the other end of the table. Dinner was fun Ė the food is good and the show is amusing Ė the knife and spatula flipping, the flying food, the steaming volcano made out of a tower of onion rings. But, like all good things it had to come to an end and I took Weet back to her hotel and headed home.

On a sad note, today is the one year anniversary of my mom's death. I don't want to get all maudlin and I certainly don't want to spout catchy phrases that I got from Six Feet Under, but in a trailer for the show there's a crying woman who asks why people have to die, and Nate (I think) answers, "to give meaning to life." RIP mom, you were the best and we all still miss you.

4:22 p.m. - 2007-03-22


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