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Go ahead, kick my ass.

Hey Prolifique - thanks for adding me on your Diaryland profile. How about sending my your username and password so I can check out your diary? My e-mail is Yeah, so much for that promise of keeping track of what I was eating by posting everyday. Míkay. It may not be a dead concept though - I suspect I am going to be mandated to start keeping a food diary/notebook because (duh duh duh DUH) Iím starting to see a personal trainer Ė tonight. I coughed up the cash for a 12-session package that will hopefully whip my (big-ish) butt into shape or at least get me started on a healthful path that I can continue on my own. Iím fine with the cardiovascular exercise but Iím still unclear on the new gymís weight machines and I feel I could use a push from someone who is being paid to keep me on the straight and narrow and will also help me figure out a routine to maximize results. Basically my goal is to be able to wear a bathing suit for Steveís family reunion in August without bursting into tears or whining non-stop about my bloopy tummy. Damn Steve and his family of skinny runners. If I could wear a burkha style suit then Iíd be fine. I guess I could just buy a muu-muu suit, but Iíd rather not. Iím not asking to be able to wear a J. Crew bikini, just a modest Landís End tankini. Best of all would be if I could fit into one of the (numerous) suits that I already have but have, um, shall we say, outgrown? Itís a reasonable goal, and if I lose enough weight maybe Iíll even go to my 20th high school reunion this year. Or not. I whittled myself down to 100 lbs. for my 10th reunion by following a strict diet of SlimFast shakes, Kix cereal, and no-fat yogurt and then working out obsessively for at least 2 hours a day. I just donít think I can pull it off again Ė especially since I donít think Kix is still in production. Iím not really interested in seeing most of the people I went to high school with, and since I hung around with a decidedly non-reunion type crowd while I was there, the miniscule number of people I might enjoy catching up with are likely to be no-shows. Iím sure closer to the date Iíll start obsessively checking the reunion website to see whoís going, but I doubt Iíll add my name to the list.

This weekend Iím going to be a Lady of Leisure. Tomorrow (hooray for no work on Good Friday! Yay Catholics!) Iím heading downtown with a friend to get a facial at the Bliss Spa in the W hotel Ė whee, clean pores! Free wine and brownies! Post facial I may grab lunch with my facial friend (ooh Ė that sounds dirrrrrty) or I may not Ė it depends mostly on her schedule. Then I believe we are to part ways and Iíll head home so Steve and I can check out a couple of antique-y shops that we discovered on Monday when we took an evening stroll. We saw a pair of end-tables, a cool magazine rack, a nice dresser, and a foot sculpture, all of which are probably going to be out of our budget, but it never hurts to look. Then itís off to dinner at Don Juanís to celebrate Steveís sister Luís birthday. Goal: not to pig out on the chips and salsa.

Saturday I have an appointment to get my hair colored and trimmed Ė that should take up most of the morning. I need to find a fancy schmancy deli while Iím downtown (maybe Iíll scoot over to Fox & Obel) to pick up the fixings for an antipasto plate because Iím going over to my dadís house for an Italian potluck dinner.

Then Sunday. Hallelujah, hallelujah! Christ has risen! Letís all eat way too much breakfast food to celebrate! Steveís mom is hosting a brunch and my contribution is to bake my famous sour-cream, cinnamon streudel coffee-cake. My dad is coming along to brunch too. He claims to hate brunch, but I think he hates the idea of sitting alone at home on Easter even more, which I donít quite understand because we are quite possibly the least religious family that I can think of. I guess itís more that heís used to doing something family-ish on Easter Sunday, so who am I to deny? I figure Iíll spend the rest of the day on the couch moaning about how I ate too much. And since Iím betting on being told to keep a food journal Iíll be able to report on Monday just how much is too much food.

3:48 p.m. - 2007-04-05


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