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Great Glutes. Yeah, right.

Oh, my aching hips. Since Iím certainly not Shakira, I imagine that the pain has a two-part cause. One would be my evil trainer, Attila the Fun, who is not really evil at all but does make me do mean things like squats on a Bosu while holding a medicine ball. The other part would be my suck-ass mattress. I have owned this mattress for 15 years, and it wasnít new when I bought it. I donít know how it didnít gross me out at the time, but I bought it in an almost new state (meaning that it was USED for who knows what) from my downstairs neighbor, Tommy G (heís the one on the right Ė itís a long story aboutÖ..), because he was moving somewhere he could have a queen sized bed. Problems with my mattress: it is a dinky double which is not really enough room for two adults and two cats. Despite knowing that it is the right thing to do, I have never been a regular mattress-flipper which has resulted in Grand Canyon sized divots in the two sleeping areas. It is 15 years old and I just read some sort of study that claims that by the time mattresses are 12 years old they have doubled their weight by adding bazillions of dust mites and their detritus Ė ew. Since it is so clear that I am in need of a new mattress what, you might ask, is the hold-up? Well, itís like this. In our current bedroom we can only have a double bed Ė if we were to try to put in a queen there would be about two inches between the bed and my dresser and although (I hope) Iím losing weight I havenít reached the Posh Spice state that would allow me to squeeze by in those two inches. Iíve been (not so) patiently waiting until our remodeling was done so that we could buy a fancy, plushy, pillow-top queen-sized mattress for our more spacious bedroom upstairs and we would then put the current bed in the guest room. But since I am waking up in pain every day and I wouldnít wish the current mattress on the most horrible of guests, I think it might be time to head out and test drive some new mattresses. I have a sister-in-law who works part time for one of the big department stores in the area and I think I might call in a favor and ask if she would use her mighty discount to buy the mattress of my choice so that I do not have to pay an arm and a leg.

In other news I think Iím heading for some wallet-busting trips to the veterinarian. Toby needs to go next week for a re-check on his thyroid level and I suspect that the results will be bad. Iíd like to go the radioactive iodine therapy route because it seems to be a cure for thyroid problems, but it costs about $1000-$1200. However, if it means the little bugger will be around for a few more years then itís what I have to do. The wee doggie didnít finish her breakfast this morning which is practically cause for a newsflash. Iím hoping itís because I didnít feed her dinner until 10pm last night, she got a boatload of treats at work yesterday, and also because I took her for a walk on Monday and she may be a bit sore. Since sheís so old and wee I imagine that a walk around the block after months of sedentary living could make her achy and Iím hoping itís one of those causes and not something more sinister that is behind the lack of appetite. Iím also hoping that she doesnít have an upset stomach because it does little to endear her to Steve when she leaves a steaming pile of poo on the kitchen floor.

In addition to hiring the trainer for twice weekly torture sessions and my regularly scheduled 3-4 times a week cardio exercise Iíve also signed up for the National Medical Health Weekís walking challenge. For the week of April 23-29 I agreed to strap on a pedometer from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed and to try to achieve a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. I think Iím screwed because my job is totally sedentary and my measly half-hour of cardio only logs probably 5,000 steps at the most. Of course, thatís probably the point of the challenge - to show you what you are currently doing and how much more you need to add to get to the daily recommended number of steps and level of activity. I also signed up for a six-week ĎGreat Glutesí class where I imagine Iíll be spending a half-hour every Wednesday night wondering what the Hell I was thinking Ė especially since itís right after my weekly spin class. If Iím not in bathing suit shape by August then I have only my gigantic appetite to blame. Helping me along the way will be the two fantastic mix discs that I received on Monday from Mike Ė hopefully they will provide the musical invigoration I need to get moviní and shakiní.

11:12 a.m. - 2007-04-18


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