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Buh-bye to Fred

I think I may have mentioned this yesterday but my trainer is kicking my ass. Which, Im pretty sure, is the point. Today every time I lift something heavier than my pencil or straighten out my arms my biceps scream in pain. This concerns me a wee bit because tonight when I see her I think shes going to have me concentrate on arms. I hope I dont drop a 10 lb. handweight on her toes by accident or something terrible like that. It would be awful if she were maimed and had to take a few weeks off of work.

I think Weetabix had an Operation Hottie plan going a while back and I may have to co-opt the phrase for my current quest for a smaller kiester. In reality its not so much my kiester but my tummy pooch that I would like to whittle away. Any time that youve given a name to a fat deposit its a bad sign - my tummy pooch is Fred. To aid in the eradication of Fred I signed up for yet another class Beginning Belly Dancing at a local yoga studio. I took the class about a year and a half ago and it was a great core workout and I still have the cheesy scarf complete with jingly faux-coins to tie around my hips so I might as well go somewhere I can use it. I figure the more classes I sign up for the less time Ill spend sitting around on the couch watching bad shows like the new BBCAmerica version of Robin Hood. If I do decide to turn on the tube maybe Ill be inspired to pop in my new yoga DVD Yoga for Inflexible People. The title cracks me on so many levels.

Tomorrow is my five year wedding anniversary and Steve is whisking me away to a resort on Lake Delavan in Wisconsin. Since its their off season, when they heard it was our anniversary they gave us an upgrade to a swankier room so I think we get a fireplace and a lake view. I need to find a couple of good restaurants in the Lake Delavan/Lake Geneva area I printed out a list of places but if anyone has any suggestions Id love to hear them we need to cover two dinners, a lunch and a breakfast and Id like one of the dinners to be on the nicer side. I have ambitious plans for the weekend there are three antique malls (luckily for me the mention of antiquing doesnt make Steve cringe as long as I let him look at outdated electronics with cool switches and meters hes happy) and Id like to try to walk part of the way around Lake Geneva. Its 21 miles all the way around and although do-able I dont think thats in the picture since walking at approx. 4 miles an hour and stopping frequently to ogle the gigantic summer homes of the wealthy means that it would take around 5 hours and a healthy application from the stick of no-chafe stuff that I bought for the Avon walk a couple of years ago. I can think of better ways to work off some calories while using an artificial lubricant wink, wink, nudge, nudge especially since this IS an anniversary getaway. Since I probably just grossed out my one reader Ill sign off now.

1:48 p.m. - 2007-04-19


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