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Since I canít come up with a coherent theme to expound upon today I think Iíll just string together a bunch of random thoughts.

Iím on Day II of the 10,000 steps/day walking challenge. I managed to tic off a little over 11,000 steps yesterday, mostly by manically offering to run errands between the two buildings at work. What? You need a pencil? Let me go get one for you from the stock room in the other building! Today I brought gym shoes so I can walk at lunchtime*. I think the pedometer is off though Ė I swear Iíll walk to the bathroom and back to my desk and log about 300 steps. Really, itís not that far, there are no east or west wings to the building I work in Ė just a short hallway. But, if the pedometer has to be off in one way I guess Iíd rather it be off in my favor.

*Note: Didnít happen. The Cramps appeared (the physical ailment, not the rockabilly band, although how cool would it have been to have a private performance of ĎBikini Girls with Machine Gunsí?) and I spent lunchtime waiting for the Advil to kick in.

Skirt weather has finally arrived here in the Midwest and I Ďm wearing a new Michael Kors skirt that I got at TJ Maxx over the weekend. Itís brown with a peasanty embroidered border around the bottom. Iím wearing it with brown clogs and a long-sleeved brown t-shirt and this makes me feel a wee bit like the best dressed UPS carrier in the world. All hail the Power of Brown.

My anniversary weekend trip to Lake Delavan was pretty nice. We had a lake view from our room and made use of the balcony and comfy lounge chairs to polish off an excellent bottle of Chianti Classico and some 20 year-old tawny port while watching ducks paddle about. I made reservations at Gilbertís in Lake Geneva for our fancy anniversary dinner and it was an expensive meal but so very, very worth it. We chose the chefís six course surprise tasting menu with the wine pairings and we were pleasantly stuffed by the end of the meal. Steve, always Mr. Romantic, got me a light fixture for our anniversary but joked that since we can discharge firearms on our Wisconsin property, he had been thinking about getting me a handgun. Iím not sure Iím quite ready for a handgun yet, but a nice bolt-action .22 would have been pretty cool.

I have totally weaned myself off of the Zoloft. The last time I went to see Doc Liz (no, I donít call her that to her face) I said that I felt pretty good and wondered how to get the monkey off my back. Apparently you just have to start cutting the dosage back verrrrry slowly and as long as the crazy doesnít come back you eventually taper off to nothing. Ta Da! So, thatís what I did and lucky for me the crazy stayed in the closet, tied up and wearing a zippered leather mask like The Gimp. However, Iím not taking any chances. I have seven months left on my prescription and Iím going to fill every last one of them and horde them away in case the crazy makes a special return engagement.

Ethical dilemma: There are two matching occasional tables here at work. When my dad and uncle bought our old facility back in the early 1970ís it came complete with some furniture and the tables were part of the deal. In my recent craze for all things mid-century I thought they looked pretty slick so I flipped one of them over (no easy feat Ė they have trapezoidal terrazzo tops that weigh a ton) and it turns out that they are made by Dunbar and probably designed by Edward Wormly who is hot shit as far as collectors of mid-century furniture are concerned. Just about everyone in the family is into extremely traditional furniture and they kind of think the ďugly 60ís stuffĒ around the office is unsightly and junky. I could probably ask to switch them out with something more Ďnormalí from, say, The Bombay Company and no-one would really care Ė unless they found out that I sold them for around $1600.00 (keep in mind that the tables pictured on this site arenít as nice as the ones at my office Ė they have condition issues and do not have the more upscale terrazzo tops). What to do. I suppose I could keep them at my house Ė they could be used as bedside tables in the guest room - but to tell the truth I donít really dig them either. I wonder if I consigned them at an auction whether or not anyone would ever find out. Thoughts?

4:28 p.m. - 2007-04-24


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