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I forgot to make a travel mug of (desperately needed) coffee this morning so now I am stuck drinking crappy work coffee. I could make good Lemon Green tea from Teavana, but Iíd have to drink about eight cups to get the same caffeine buzz and I donít have that kind of time before the lack-of-caffeine induced headache will come rolling around. So, the shitty coffee. It is shitty. How shitty? Well, I buy marginally better coffee for my office but that only adds up to a bag of French roast Eight OíClock coffee. Since I donít usually drink the work coffee I donít go so far as to buy a community bottle of half Ďní half which means I am stuck with off-brand powdered non-dairy creamer. Barf. I usually doctor my good from-home coffee so that itís about two thirds coffee and one third 2% milk (gotta get that calcium somehow!), but I donít like to use more than a teaspoon-full of the powdered crap so now Iím stuck with a cup of bitter crapola that tastes like it sat in the urn for the whole weekend. I wish the Starbucks wasnít a 30-minute roundtrip drive from the office. I will choke down my cup of bitter, chemical, caffeine but I will not like it. I will however like the fact that at 11am my head will not feel like it is going to spontaneously explode and splatter my aching brain all over my cube.

This weekend I went to Artropolis (twice) and walked a bajillion miles around the Merchandise Mart. We saved on the steep entrance price because the nice folks at the Aron Packer Gallery (now the Packer Schopf Gallery, I think) sent out complimentary guest passes to everyone on their e-mail list. Steve and I managed to walk every exhibit except the emerging artists show (The Artist Project) which is probably a good thing because there is a chance that their art would have actually been in our price range and weíd already blown our art budget at the Intuit Show in Rick Egeís booth at the Intuit Fair. Damn that man Ė he finds the coolest stuff. In addition to all the really great art, the people watching was absolutely fantastic. I can say definitively that the 80ís as a fashion statement are back Ė like, totally. I saw more cropped leggings with high heels than I could shake a hand carved pine walking stick at. And the ironic t-shirt? Apparently itís here to stay.

Thatís all for today Ė Iím suffering through the end-of-month woes here at work and I must get my nose to ye olde grindstone.

4:36 p.m. - 2007-04-30


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