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What zombies do for exercise

So, how cruel is this? I wake up at 4:55 am and stumble around in the dark putting on my exercise clothes, find my keys, my bike shoes, and my gym pass and head out the door to the gym. I get to the gym, fill up my water bottle and notice that the studio where the Group Ride (yet another licensed name for a spin class) class is held looks awfully full and there are still at least 5 minutes to class time. I look in vain for the box on the courtesy desk that holds the magic numbers that will assure me a space in the class. No box, no numbers. The extremely (and I do mean extremely – he might even make it worthwhile to get up at the crack of dawn) handsome young man who works the a.m. shift sadly tells me the class is full. He says that people get there very early on Tuesday because the class is so popular. Jesus f-ing Christ! 5:15 IS early in my book, but apparently in the book of the fitness obsessed, early means queuing up at the entrance like mutant zombies at 4:55 am waiting for the poor souls who drew the short straw/early shift to open up the door at 5 am. Instead of moaning “braaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnsssss” they probably all hiss out “sssssssssssspiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn.” Since I was shut out of class, I slogged through 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer sans iPod (because why bring an iPod if you’re going to cycling class?) and then did 15 minutes of strength training. Poo. I guess if I want to be one of the cool kids I’ll have to forgo sleeping at my own home Sunday through Thursday and pitch a tent in the park across the street from the gym. Tomorrow there is a Group Power (or as Wendy from Pound would say, “Lifting Weights to Hateful Pop Remixes” shortened to the catchy Weights ‘n’ Hates) and I guess I’ll try to make it. Class begins at 5:40 so if I get there by 5:15 I might be able to beat the zombies. Then, if I go to my evening spin class and the following Awesome Ass Class I will either feel completely euphoric from all the wonderful exercise endorphins swarming my fluffy body or I’ll want to eat the entire left side of the menu at my local diner. I’ll let you know how it goes. 0 comments so far

3:49 p.m. - 2007-05-15


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