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Bulking up

Christ I need a nap. I think if I知 going to participate in the early morning gym classes I need to get to bed earlier than 11:30. Conveniently I知 alone on this side of the building right now so I think I値l prop my head on my hand and see if I can grab a few winks while I look like I知 intently studying my monitor. Note to self: change the sleep setting so that I知 not 壮taring intently at the Windows logo bouncing back and forth.

Oops. I wrote that last bit on Wednesday, and no, I didn稚 just fall into a coma at my desk. I don稚 even recall even being able to get in a 5-minute power-nap.

I had my 12 session review with my personal trainer last night and it was sort of good but sort of frustrating. On the good side I lost three inches from my waist and one from my hips and vastly improved my flexibility and strength. On the down side I still can稚 run much more than a mile in 12 minutes but I don稚 really think that痴 representative of my cardiovascular skills I just think it means I知 a shitty runner. I also gained two pounds. That痴 right, gained. Steve says it痴 because I知 converting lighter weight fat to more dense muscle, but I知 worried that if I just keep going on in this manner I知 going to wind up looking like either a brick shithouse or an East German weightlifter neither option very appealing. I知 dropping down to seeing the trainer only once a week which should be okay because I知 in the workout groove now and I make it to the gym about 5 days a week and sometimes even do two-a-days if there痴 an interesting class I can squeeze in. Plus, the cost of seeing her twice a week was starting to get a little prohibitive. In order to really make some changes I think what I really need to hire is a Food Watcher who will hang out with me at mealtimes and make tsk-tsk noises at my choices and purse their mouth disapprovingly when I reach for seconds. I don稚 really know if that job exists, but if it doesn稚 there痴 a niche for it. I壇 only really need them to be there at dinnertime so it壇 be an hour or so a day and I壇 be happy to spring for their meals if it would reduce the per visit cost. I suppose that would be a nutritionist although I don稚 think they watch you eat so what I really need would be a Food Dominatrix. If my memory serves be correctly I think there used to be a dominatrix themed restaurant in New York where the waitresses all wore leather and PVC and paddles and made spanking and humiliation part of the mealtime fun. Yup, it痴 called La Nouvelle Justine. Dontcha just love the internet? You can find out about anything and everything.

I知 heading off tomorrow for an interstate Girls-Night-Out with Megan and Tam. We値l hit the road around noon and head up to Gurnee Mills to replenish our lingerie drawers at the Bali/Hanes outlet, pop by the Gurnee Antique Center for some genteel perusing of ye olde and quaint artifacts, head up to Milwaukee for an early veg-friendly dinner at Beans & Barley and then off to see Spike in his referee stripes at the Roller Derby Bout. Should be fun for all.

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2:35 p.m. - 2007-05-18


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