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What a weekend. Friday I took Steve to a Sip ‘n’ Sign at a local gallery that was having a show of Tony Fitzpatrick’s etchings. In order to save on gas and also from having to circle the block endlessly to find a parking space (see: saving gas) we took the bus (es). Not so fun when you enter the bus to sunny skies but exit the bus to a surprise downpour and no umbrella. We were a little soggy around the edges but it didn’t hamper our enjoyment of the show or getting to meet my new best friend: Mr. Johnny Walker. Actually that isn’t quite true, I didn’t like the Johnny Walker scotch but I did enjoy the samples of Singleton, and Don Julio tequilas. After the gallery we went across the street to eat at Flo where I had some dynamite roasted pork loin. Yum.

Saturday started out with a bang – literally. I had forgotten to turn of the 5am alarm on my sports watch and when I leapt out of bed to switch it off my right leg was asleep and it crumpled beneath me sending me on quite the tumble. On the way down my kiester collided with the steppy stool next to the bed and now my ass looks like a wild animal took two chomps on my right cheek. Lovely. And painful. I’d post a photo but not only do I not know how to post photos but more importantly if you think I’m going to take a picture of my ass and then show it to the world you must be delusional. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful - hair color appointment at 8am followed by snacky breakfast and perusal of the shoe department at Nordstrom (I was underwhelmed), discount shopping at Marshall’s, and a 1:30 facial at Bliss Chicago. I came home and watched The Starter Wife (again – underwhelmed). Dinner consisted of BBQ bison burgers and grilled asparagus and then Steve and I watched a bazillion episodes of Law & Order. There’s no end to the excitement at my house.

Yesterday I got to sleep in – yay – and then do some housekeeping – boo. Later in the afternoon I met up with Tam to go see the Pirate movie. Despite the sizzling hott-ness of both Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp I thought the movie pretty much sucked. Plot? What plot? Plus I had miscalculated my meals for the day and my breakfast of a soft boiled egg and half a bagel weren’t holding out. This is bad to discover once you’re trapped in a movie theater. I actually thought about eating a skanky hot dog, but instead opted for a soft pretzel and a bucket of diet coke and then later indulged in the super-nastiness that is movie popcorn. I’m such an idiot – my digestive system is going to be paying for this for days.

So – what did you do this weekend?

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1:50 p.m. - 2007-06-04


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