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Kids like Kix for what Kix has got!

Fudge. I just wrote a page of an entry and it disappeared. Oh well Ė it happens to everybody at some point so it was bound to be my turn eventually. I think I can recreate most of it.

I looked on the bottom shelf at the supermarket last night and finally found the Kix cereal way down in No-Manís-Land. Hooray for crunchy puffy goodness that has so few calories I can fill up a quart sized Ziploc bag and munch on it all day long.

Thank you to everyone who e-mailed and commented with suggestions for different cereals and Lean Cuisine varieties that I might like to try. Itís been a long, long time since I have eaten any sort of prepackaged frozen lo-cal meals so steer me in the right direction. Especially the vegetarian direction. Iím no veg, but the chicken/beef/shrimp that is in microwaveable meals tends to unappetizing at best. If I encounter a fat blob it can derail my entire meal. If the blob is big enough, and I bite right into it, I can easily find myself with a one-way ticket to Vomitsville via the Barfmobile. No thanks. At least with vegetables, pasta, or fake meat thereís no chance of gristle. So please Ė Iíll take any recommendations for any variety of microwaveable lo-cal/lo-fat meal Ė I donít care what sort of brand Ė Lean Cuisine, Linda McCartney, Amyís Organics, Eating Right Ė if it tastes good Iíll hunt it down.

Todayís lunch was a Lean Cuisine 3-Cheese Rigatoni with veggies that was actually pretty good and extremely filling. Mike says his boss likes the cheese lasagna and also the pot-stickery things so next time Iím at the store Iíll buy a couple of those. Iím also trying to retrain myself to eat the right way Ė and by this I mean the actual physical way that I put food into my mouth, masticate, and swallow. I am the youngest child (by 11 years) and I spent most of my formative family eating years competing to get seconds of Ďthe good stuff.í My mom certainly didnít skimp on portions, but when they were teenagers by brothers were capable of eating massive quantities of food especially if it was something really good like on OreIda French fry night. So, I compensated by eating very quickly. Then when I got older and they were in college I usually ate dinner by myself and I continued to eat quickly. The trend continues to this day and is probably the reason I often find myself stuffed by the end of the meal. If I bothered to eat like a civilized human being instead of like a pack of wild dogs Iíd probably fill up before the end of the meal and stop at a sensible point. So, to consciously try to slow myself down Iím making a point of laying down my fork and taking a sip of water between each bite. If todayís lunch is any indication it appears to be working.

Also Ė bring on the tofu recipes or links to tofu sites. I like tofu as long as itís not mushy and I know it takes flavor well. I think itís lo-cal and I know itís filled with protein. I ordered some from my local organic produce delivery place and it arrives on Friday so I need to think of something to do with it. Can it be barbequed?

AndÖÖIím sure you missed it Ė I know I have(nít). Itís the return of the daily food blog!

Breakfast: dry quart of Kix, Strawberry Light Ďní Creamy Yoplait yogurt.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine 3-Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni (*** out of a possible 4*ís), 15 small strawberries
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast on a Natural Ovens wheat bun with mustard, handful of raw veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots), 15 small strawberries.
Exercise yesterday: 20 minutes walking, 1 hour Group Power class (dubbed by Wendy as Lifting Weights to Hateful Pop Remixes, then shortened to Weights Ďní Hates or just W&H)

Man, that looks really Spartan when itís written out. I guess thatís what it takes to lose weight. Duh.

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1:57 p.m. - 2007-06-12


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