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Can you deep fry that?

I should probably go weigh myself sometime on our super-calibrated industrial work scale, but Iím pretty sure Iíve mentioned once or twice that itís hard to get alone time with the scale Ė thereís usually one or two of the receiving guys working with it. Ideally Iíd like to weigh myself first thing when I get here in the morning, but thatís when it tends to be the busiest so Iíll probably have to settle for late afternoon after the first shift has ended. I had to edit yesterdayís dinner entry Ė thatís the problem with assuming that youíll just go along with the plan. I added a slice of fresh mozzarella to my chicken breast, had 4 okra pickles, and then walked over to a friendís house where I had two beers Ė naughty me. Tomorrow Iím sticking to the diet for breakfast and lunch, but then disaster is striking. Iím going to Royís with a couple of my friends from the animal shelter. Iím going to try to be good for dinner and I think Iíll order the hibachi grilled salmon, but my downfall has always been appetizers (Hello Walter Ė if youíre reading this think back to our college era Ďdinnersí at Benniganís where we would eat NOTHING BUT DEEP FREID APPETIZERS). Iím guessing weíll split the canoe of appetizers, but maybe I can just order a salad. Iím also going to try to not act like a giant lush this time and go easy on the cocktails. Of course last time this helped the diet cause in the long run because I seem to remember hugging the porcelain shortly after getting home. I have to remember that although they go down so very easily they hit you like a 50 lb. sledgehammer about an hour into the evening and they are most definitely not enhanced by a return visit.

Breakfast: Yoplait Thick & Creamy lowfat yogurt, Kix cereal.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine angel hair pasta marinara (**). Basic but also pretty boring. At least it was meatless so I didnít have to examine each piece of meat for fat blobs before I put it in my mouth. Also on the plus side, only 240 calories.
Snack: Cottage cheese snack pack and a few strawberries.
Dinner: Chicken breast on a wheat bun with grainy mustard. Steamed veggies. Iím going to try to eat this before I go to the gym and then have a piece of fruit when I get home around 9:15.
Exercise yesterday: walked two miles. I was supposed to do a spin class but I got caught in two horrible traffic snarls on the road to the class. By the time I was anywhere close the class had been going on for 15 minutes so I was a giant crab when I got home (PMS? MMmmmmmaybe) and I pouted and didnít go the gym Ė did my walking outside instead.

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4:41 p.m. - 2007-06-14


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