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Drafting myself into boot camp

Blah. I saw my trainer last night and she kicked my kiester! I went in early and did a half hour on the elliptical and then for the next hour she had me all over the gym working triceps, chest, shoulders, back, glutes, abs, triceps again, etc. I actually felt (lots of) sweat trickling down my back and Im not a sweaty person. Shes teaching the next session of Boot Camp at my gym and Im on the fence about taking it. Id love to be able to get my workout over in the morning, but by the same token I hate getting up. I suppose I should just get off the stick and turn in my check. Its only $130 for one hour, three mornings a week for six weeks. Thats a bargain and it would bring me all the way to the family reunion date and probably help me take off a few pounds and continue to tone up. Thats it. When I go to the gym tomorrow Im taking in a check and signing up. So there.

Hey! Heres a link for a recipe I think Im going to try. Theres only so many chicken breasts I can eat and it would really behoove me to work some fish into the at-home diet. Plus that picture? It makes it look too die for. And, tilapia seems safe because its fairly non-stinky and light and flakey too. Plus I can use the cilantro from my herb garden. While youre there, check out the rest of the kitchen blog it came from they have some good recipes and showcase some really, really enviable kitchens and gadgets and whatnot.

Breakfast: Bag of Kix
Lunch: Snack-pack cup of cottage cheese, Lean Cuisine Rosemary Chicken w/rice pilaf & spinach (***). Good flavor but the spinach made the rice pilaf a little watery. The chicken was flavorful and had a good texture. I need to stock up on frozen meals for next week otherwise known as Week II in this little experiment/diet and Im looking forward to trying some of the recommended varieties. I wish I had a big freezer so I could really stock up, but I think I can only jam a weeks worth into the already crowded. freezer.
Dinner: Ill have to come back and update this as I can go into a restaurant with the best of intentions and get derailed by one too many cocktails they have a nasty habit of making me crave deep fried appetizers. I fully plan on having the salmon as my entre unless they have a fish special that is prepared in a similar low-fat way. Well see. Since there are three of us Im hoping I can convince my friends to share one communal dessert and then only have a bite or two. I promise to come back and edit to dutifully log in what I ate. *** UPDATE *** I actually did OK at dinner. For appetizers I had: edamame (thank god they serve this instead of bread) one small lobster dim-sum dumpling, 1/4 of the crispy crab/artichoke salad, and two sections of ahi tuna roll. For dinner I had the chilli steamed snapper. I ate about 3/4 of the snapper going very easy onthe chilli sauce that it came in and about 3/4 of the egg-rolly side dish it came with. I was totally restrained at dessert and had 2 1/2 bites of the pineappe upsidedown cake - rough considering it is absolutely amazing. I did have three cocktails: one asian lemon drop and two Roy's Aloha Crushes. I stuck to vodka and I think that's helping in the no-hangover department. There you have it - I think I did OK last night. Now this evening I have a party at my brother's and I have to stay calm amidst the catered Italian goodies. I'll let you know how that goes later.
Exercise yesterday: see above for account of ass-kicking by trainer.

By the way, I weighed myself yesterday. I know that when I started this on Monday I weighed 175 lbs. There - I wrote it for all to see. On Friday at 4pm I weighed 171 lbs. so I'm 4# on my way to slenderness. Ideally I'd like to weigh 140 lbs which I think is a reasonable goal and it should put me back into my favorite pair of Gap Boy-Fit jeans that I can never bear to throw out when I get too big for them. Now I know what I weigh so I can start to track this diet experiment and see how well it works.

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