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One ass. Kicked.

Let the ass kicking begin. As usual, Boot Camp started out with a bang. Run a mile. Oops I just typed run a lime I guess Ive still got food on the brain, or at least Coronas. I shuffled it out in 11:09 and although I was one of the last stragglers to finish it was still probably my fastest mile and I didnt walk at all I can pat myself on the back. There seem to be a bunch of runners in this session the last time I took it there were a several people who would walk most of the time we did timed runs and it made me feel a little better about my general ploddiness. We also did one minute push-up (48 girlie ones) and sit-up/crunch (38) drills. I though Id be better at the sit-ups but I guess that gives me plenty of room to improve over the next six weeks. Then we did some relay drills and then some plyometrics and calisthenics and ab work. I tell you, the ladies who are teaching this session do not screw around and they do not waste time. The only downside is that they try to do as much stuff outside as possible I prefer the rarified, air conditioned air of the gym. There is a guy who has already established himself as the class clown he looks a little bit like Donal Logue and he was practically crying by the end of class. Well, not really crying but he was spouting the lame excuses as to why he wasnt participating fully: no water, not a morning person, blah, blah, blah. Doesnt he know? Theres no whining in Boot Camp!

I bought a refurbished second generation gen iPod shuffle this morning. If Im going to be running at all on a regular basis I need to have motivational music and the new clip-on shuffles seen tiny enough to stick on myself and bring to class without them getting in the way. Too bad there arent tiny wireless headphones that I could use with them. OK techies this is your cue please tell me that there ARE indeed tiny wireless headphones available from [name of store here]. It was only $49 so I dont feel too bad about spending the money despite the fact that I dropped off my gold plated cat this morning at the hoity-toity specialty clinic for his hyper-thyroidism treatment. They made me pay in advance - $950 which was unexpected but I guess now that I think about it, it makes sense. Should my cat die while hes up there trying to get the money out of me, the grieving owner, would be nigh impossible. The $950 is on top of the costs for the two complete bloodwork tests, the urinalysis and the chest x-rays. See? Free cats ARE the most expensive in the long run.

So I weighed myself again this morning I wanted to make sure that the infant sized glob of Nieman-Marcus dip (see previous entry) I ate on Sunday hadnt taken up permanent residence on my thighs. Thankfully I kept it at bay and Im actually down to 170#. Im going to try not to start obsessively weighing myself three times a day as that can only lead me down the road to ruin I think Mondays and Fridays would be a good idea. Fridays to see how the frugal weekday plan is going and Mondays to keep me honest over the weekend.

Breakfast: Thick & Creamy Blackberry yogurt, baggie of Kix.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine, cherries.
Snack: Snack-pack of cottage cheese.
Dinner: Im trying the cilantro-ginger-tilapia recipe that I linked to the other day and I have a big bundle of organic broccoli as a side. Since I dont have to go to the gym tonight I think Ill also cook up a bunch of swiss chard so I can bring it in to supplement my lunch tomorrow. I might even splurge and have a glass of white wine wheee!
Exercise: Boot Camp bay-bee!

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1:52 p.m. - 2007-06-18


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