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Whittling away at the total

What a nice surprise! In today’s mail I received a much appreciated mix disc from MikeIam. Mike, I owe you one! Now I have something other than my crazy belly dance CD to listen to today at work.

I saw 500 Clown Macbeth over the weekend and it was completely insane – but in a good way. I highly recommend their performances if you ever get a chance to see them. I’d try to describe it but I would invariably make it sound dumb and worthless. Not so. Check out the link – they do a much better job of defining what they are and do than I ever could. They are also doing 500 Clown Frankenstein and I’ve already bought tickets to see that on Saturday.

I had a Mare moment on Sunday. Steve and I blocked off the time necessary to dig out, add topsoil, and replant our lame-ass front yard area so that we would no longer be the shame of the neighborhood with our 5 foot tall weed patch. Since I get whiney if I have to dig out dirt with a shovel, Steve sent me to the garden store to buy pretty plants. I changed into my gardening pants and…….they fit. The last time I put on these pants was about a month ago when I planted the tomatoes and I did manage to get them on but I spent all of my planting time fearing that they would either split up the back and expose my thong clad ass to the neighborhood thereby scarring them for life, or that the vice-like waistband would permanently bisect me at the waist and I would be forever known as ant-girl. But now that I’m on the wagon and in Boot Camp they fit perfectly. And then today I put on a flirty skirt with embroidery and beads and sequins (but in a hippy kind of way – not a Vegas kind of way) that last year was also a candidate for item of clothing most likely to bisect me at the waist and now it lays perfectly just as the maker intended. Yay. If that isn’t encouragement I don’t know what is.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs w/ pasta in a gravy sauce (***1/2) Call me crazy, but I’ve always loved this Lean Cuisine meal. It’s pretty filling and they grind the meat for the meatballs very fine so there aren’t any scary gristley chunks and the gravy is nice and savoury. Tomato.
Snack: Nectarine.
Dinner: Baked chicken breast, broccoli, steamed brown rice (that WILL work now that I know all the secrets), cherries.
Exercise: Boot Camp – mostly running today with a looooong session of Indian runs. That’s where you run in single file and the last runner sprints up past the other runners to the front and so on and so on. Very, very, sweaty. And now, after lunch very, very stiff. I guess it’s time to crack open the yoga DVD that I bought and work on flexibility.
Monday weigh in: 166 lbs. Yay! Down another 2 lbs. and after a weekend no less! I have 17 lbs. to go by August 9th -Steve’s family reunion and bathing suit time. That’s 6 ˝ weeks and 2.6 lbs. per week – if I keep up my current pace that shouldn’t be a problem but I suspect that the rapid weight drop has to level out sometime. There are 27 lbs. to go to the ultimate goal of 140 lbs. and a return to my favorite jeans – no time limit set for that, but if I wind up weighing my goal or less I may think about going to my 20 year high school reunion.

Hey – anyone know the diaryland html code to make something come out in bold type? If you do, let me know.

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3:20 p.m. - 2007-06-25


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