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So in my Intro to Pilates class last night during the ‘rolling like a ball’ exercise someone behind me ripped a huge fart. Heh. Because we are adults no one burst into uncontrolled giggles although I’m sure that all of our eyes collectively widened and we all had the same thought, “there ‘fore the grace go I.” Except the farter, and she probably just wanted to vaporize into thin air. If it’s who I think it was, she probably especially wanted to die. She is one of those people who wear full make-up to the gym and probably leads a very ordered and lovely life. Except for farting in Pilates. Bwhahahahaha.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I made a major garage sale score this weekend – too bad it’s not for me. I found the entire 1992 edition of the Complete Oxford English Dictionary – all 20 or so volumes – for $250.00. That’s still a lot, but keep in mind that when I got home and checked online the lowest price I saw these going for (used) was $789.00 on, and a new set goes into the thousands. But alas as I said, they are not for me. I have the nifty two volume compact edition of the OED in the slipcover with the drawer to hold the tiny magnifying glass so I don’t go blind whilst looking up words and that’s about the extent of my dictionary needs. In fact I’d have to say that it exceeds my dictionary needs but it’s such a great looking set and gives me an intellectual air. The big set is for my old roommate Robert, now an editor at The Atlantic Monthly, who is the biggest book geek/collector that I know and a true wordsmith. He was excited beyond words. He had almost bought a set once for ~$900 but chickened out at the last moment. I think at that time (around 1993) an expenditure of that sort would have meant eating .10 cups of ramen noodles for the next four months. But, it was a score nonetheless and it appealed to the bargain hunter in me to have found such a deal. The garage sale was very, very bizarre. On the corner of my street is a magic shop that has been in continuous operation since 1963 when it was moved to this location by Jay Marshall who was a bigwig professional magician and the garage sale was in the shop’s back storage area/theater. I’m not quite sure of the exact relationship but the current proprietors must be related to Jay Marshall because the sale was to raise money to pay off the taxes on his estate. There were circus posters, a ton of old cameras and movie equipment, two shelves of books, some assorted furniture, china and glasses, a table of brass items, two racks of musty costumes which probably would have excited me greatly in my vintage clothing era, and under a table, the three cartons containing the OED. We also bought two repro cast iron mechanical banks – Steve got a baseball one and I picked a creepy clown with moving eyes. I guess they’re going to have another sale in a couple of weeks so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for the signs. They kept referencing items brought in from ‘The Barn’ so there must be another property somewhere and in my imagination it is filled chokablok with cool stuff. The magic shop is also having a Harry Potter book release party and I might go to that to pick up my copy of the book. I’d prefer to cough up my $$ to the little guy instead of making Border’s a wee bit richer. Plus, they’re having magic shows all night and they even set up a Diagon Alley behind the store. I do love the cheese factor Best of all? It’s about two blocks away so the walk home at 12:10 am after I buy the book will only take 5 minutes.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix.
Lunch: cup of onion broth, sautéed vegetable medley, tilapia filet.
Dinner: ½ chicken breast on 7-grain bun w/slice of non-fat cheddar. Cherries.
Exercise: It’s animal shelter night – nada.

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1:38 p.m. - 2007-07-10


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