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Green apple quick step

This weekend was pretty much a bust. I got some sort of intestinal bug and there was no way I was going to go to a music festival where my only option was a port-a-potty*. No way, no how. I donít like the things in the best of circumstances but thereís no way Iíd go in one when Iím having Ďissues.í And wait in line? I donít think so Ė the issues wait for no-one. I was feeling better by Sunday afternoon which was good because I had to bake something for an animal shelter event. I made Gingered Lemon Squares from the Simply Recipes blog Ė I figured they were safe from temptation because I hate lemon squares. The custardy top always smells eggy to me. I dropped them off at the event, an art opening, but didnít stay Ė I begged off saying that I was going to watch Steve play soccer but really I had to get to the gym and get in a good workout. Including today, thereís 26 days until B-Day Ė that would be bathing suit day at the family reunion thingy. I doubt Iím going to get down to 150 lbs. by that date, but you never know. Iíll do the best I can and if Iím not there yet Iíll keep pushing to get into the elusive pair of old Gap jeans that I love and zip up the super cool pair of knee high boots that I own but have never worn.

*As an aside, why do port-a-potty companies use some of the worst puns in their names? I once saw a truck carrying Lepre-cans complete with the icon of a little green man sitting on a pot. Charming.

On a weigh-in note, Iím going to start exclusively weighing myself on the scale I have at home Ė it matches more closely to the scale at the doctorís office. I know that the scale here at work is calibrated every three months, blah, blah, blah, but it told me I had put on 4 lbs. from what I weighed at the docís office, and since sheís the one with the disapproving look over the clipboard Iíll go by her scale as the golden rule. According to the home scale I weighed 160 lbs. on Sunday. Yay Ė but possibly intestinal parasite related. I wish I had taken some measurements before I started this because I think the shrinkage would be encouraging.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix
Lunch: WW Smart Ones chicken enchiladas Monterey. Eh, it was OK. I do have to say that I think the WW meals are better than the Lean Cuisine because they have about 50-80 calories more per meal. WW meals tend to be ~300 calories/meal whereas the LC meals are more like 240-280. Itís apparent that much can be done with an extra 50 calories Ė for instance the Spanish rice that was with my enchiladas was way, way better than any LC rice Iíve had to date.
Dinner: Iím not quite sure. Unless I want to cobble together some really unappealing combination from the meager and mismatched supply of canned goods and wilty vegetables I have around the house, it means a trip to the grocery store. I thought Steve and I could hit the new Whole Foods that has a grill/restaurant area in the store (you can even buy a glass of beer!) where I think Iíll have a pulled pork sandwich on a bun with a veggie side. Dinner and then shopping Ė how convenient! Plus ĖIíll be full so Iíll be unlikely to make dumb hunger-driven impulse purchases.
Exercise: Boot Camp: running, jump rope, interminable ab crunches, pushups, etc. Intro to pilates class after work.

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1:54 p.m. - 2007-07-16


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