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So many questions

So I have some guilt today because I ate a pulled pork sandwich (on a whole wheat hamburger bun) and a handful of potato chips (truly just a half of a Ďgrab bagí) last night. I also had a sample of the steak that the grillmaster was handing out (approx. a 1Ē cube) and a small side of asian style green beans with mushrooms and walnuts. Deep inside I know itís ok that I had it Ė especially since I worked out twice yesterday and then after dinner Steve and I went on a walk (~1 mile) around the neighborhood to nosily peer into windows so we could critique dťcor. I know itís wrong to feel guilty but I do. I feel like itís the slippery slope Ė like once Iíve tasted the manna that is real food Iím going to go off this track Iíve set for myself and start right back up again with bad eating habits. Or is it that my current eating habits are Ďbadí because they are a diet and not a system of eating that I can keep up for the rest of my life? Iím not sure I know how to find a happy medium between the eating that I was doing and the eating Iím doing now. What happens when I reach my goal weight? Do I keep eating the semi-crappy lo-cal frozen lunches or can I go to Jimmy Johnís for the veggie sub I love? Do I have to eat only a soft-boiled egg with a half piece of toast for breakfast on the weekends or can I ever go back to the neighborhood diner with Steve for a lazy Sunday breakfast that includes, oh I donít knowÖ.bacon? When I get to my goal weight Iíd obviously like to stay there, but how? Do I put on the Holy Grail jeans once a week and if theyíre tight go back to the frozen lunches? I just donít know.

Breakfast (hmmmÖ. I just typed that as Ďbreakfatsí Ė Freudian slip anyone?): yogurt, no Kix today.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Four-cheese pizza.
Snack: Cherries.
Dinner: I have a nice salad in the fridge that I put together from the bar at Whole Foods last night. I was planning to have it along with my pulled pork sandwich but I was too full, and then I meant to have it for lunch today but I completely forgot it was in the fridge, so I guess itís whatís for dinner or else it will get all soggy. Iíll probably supplement it with my standard half chicken breast on a bun.
Exercise: nada Ė itís Tuesday which is animal shelter day and my day off.

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10:58 a.m. - 2007-07-17


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