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Can you call a faucet My Precious?

So I cut up one of my credit cards yesterday. That sounds so drastic like Im in some kind of huge debt problem which I am not. I have two credit cards that I use (I also have a few department store accounts but I almost never use them when was the last time I shopped at Nieman-Marcus? In fact, I dont even carry them with me) and I pay them off completely when I get bills. But I have a sneaky way of sometimes forgetting impulse purchases and letting the bill get higher than Id like and then there is some shock and horror when the bills come. So, to keep better track, now I only have the one. I did this because Steve and I went around the upstairs of the house a couple of days ago and made a list of the items of note that we will need to complete the house. It is not a small list and it is not a cheap list especially since I have exceptional (read: expensive) taste in things you might think are mundane like faucets and cabinet knobs. In fact, the faucet I lust after for my kitchen is a little over $1000 dollars (yes, Im trying to find a knock-off and yes, there are knocks offs in the world of faucets). So, for the next several months it looks like my frivolous purchases will come from places like Active Electric and Lighting, Home Depot Expo, BillyBobs House of Fine Wood Floors, Community Plumbing Supply, and to Simeon the Drywaller among a host of other people and places. I guess the only shiny things I get to buy will be chrome plated faucets.

Today is spin class day. I take my class at a small spin studio in the town where I grew up. The Wednesday 5:15 class is pretty much just a core group of regulars so sometimes the instructor has us do wacky things (always optional) like taking off our bike seats and doing the whole class in either second or third position. A couple of weeks ago I came in and he said, hey Poppy! July 25th 48 minutes! warily I replied, 48 minutes of what? To which he said, 48 minute run! The whole class - balls out! Swell. When he says balls out hes not kidding he really pushes us hard because he knows we are a strong group. I can tell you that if youre having a low energy day you can do a little cheating in spin on climbs. After all, the room is dark and who really knows how many cranks you turn the resistance knob? (Yes, I aware that the only one Im cheating is myself, thank you very much.) But runs are harder to fake your legs are either going fast or theyre not. But, we got a small reprieve. My hometown is made of mostly of the affluent and the affluent like to take vacations in the summer with their two perfect children to visit their second and third houses and expensive vacation destination like Europe and Asia, so this means that July 25th will be a ghost town. No 48 minute run until September. I guess its time to try to work in a second spin class per week at my regular gym to build up stamina so Im not the one wheezing away in the back corner.

PS thanks to Ms. BigHead for the encouraging words yesterday. We can all use some cheerleading because its easy to get down on yourself. Plus, Princess Time/Ladytime (or whatever you call your monthly visitor) is upon me so I think that might have added to the self-loathing from eating one measly pulled-pork sandwich.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Dragon Shrimp lo-mein Oooh! Dragons! cherries (the Bings are mostly done now but the Raniers are coming in strong!)
Snack: Cottage cheese
Dinner: chicken breast on 7-grain bun w/ slice of no-fat cheddar and mustard, cottage cheese (Im certainly getting my dairy in today!)
Exercise: Triple threat day can I survive? Boot camp: run a mile, zillions of squats and lunges, bicep and tricep work, abs. Spin class one hour. Belly Dance one hour. It sounds like a lot, but since I really enjoy all three things (well Boot Camp I not so much enjoy as getting a sense of accomplishment from working up a sweat before starting my day) I think I can do it. If I had to take three choreography-heavy step classes (Im a klutz) Id be singing a different tune.

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10:33 a.m. - 2007-07-18


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