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A Very Bad Idea

Note to self: if you have been on a restricted calorie and fat-gram diet for 8 weeks do not decide to up and go on a food and alcohol bender because the results will be disastrous.

Really, I had all the best intentions heading into dinner last night. I was only going to have one glass of wine, I was going to order the fish, blah, blah, blah. Here’s what happened in order of occurrence. Steve and I arrived on time at the restaurant, but our hosts are notoriously late. I decided it wouldn’t hurt me to order my favorite cocktail, a kir. While we were waiting the maitre’d/sommelier told us we probably wouldn’t be needing the wine list because Tuesday is their no corkage fee night and our hosts would probably be bringing wine (they’re regulars at this restaurant – persona grata if you will). Uh oh. Our hosts are major league wine collectors – there are no bad wines at their house. I was still resolute that I would sparingly partake of the wine. Until they showed up and pulled out a bottle of 1985 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Bordeaux and a bottle of Mollydooker Carnival of Love shiraz. Then, I knew I was a goner. The food started out with an amuse bouche of a small brioche piped full of some sort of warm gooey cheese. Yum. I ordered a lyonnaise salad with a pat of goat cheese instead of the traditional poached egg – super-excellent! I had a small roll with some luscious creamy sweet butter. For dinner I ordered the sautéed red snapper. It came in a vertical presentation that was constructed in the following manner: a base of layered potato slices, followed by a layer of melted goat cheese, followed by the two halves of the snapper filet and topped with herb sprigs. There were a few thin asparagus slices scattered artfully around the tower of food and some sort of butter based sauce as well. Of course I couldn’t say no to my spoonful of potato/butter/cream goo so that was there too. I also discreetly (or not – I’d had a few glasses of wine by this time and I usually THINK I’m being discreet, but really? Not so much.) grabbed a few of Steve’s vegetables – a quarter of a roasted beet, half of his stuffed cherry tomato, and his zucchini sliver. For dessert Steve and I shared the trio of chocolate bites: mousse, pot de crème, and a caramel pecan tart. Luckily each was only one big bite or two small ones. Not surprisingly, I began to feel a wee bit ill on the ride home and I did indeed barf shortly after arrival. The joy continues today as I have a headache and what I didn’t barf up last night is haunting me in other, equally unpleasant ways. Whee. Do I even need to mention that I skipped Boot Camp this morning?

Breakfast: yogurt – can’t face the Kix.
Lunch: We’ll see how much of the Lean Cuisine rosemary chicken and rice I can choke down.
Snack: cottage cheese.
Dinner: I have a gross food confession to make. I love Carl Buddig processed packaged lunch meats. I haven’t had any in probably 10 years, but the deli at the supermarket was out of the pre-grilled chicken breasts and that left me at a loss for sandwich fare. I happened to pass the packaged lunchmeat isle and there they were. Yes they’re insanely processed and full of delicious nitrates and sodium, but they’re also under 100 calories per pack and only have about 8 fat grams. So tonight I’ll be wolfing down a delectable (to me) sandwich of Buddig pastrami with a slice of no-fat cheddar or a wheat bun with some mustard. It probably won’t erase my craving from a week or so ago of a New York deli kosher hard salami with swiss on rye, but it will have to do.
Exercise: Um. No Boot Camp. Hung-over. But I should be up and running in time for spin and belly dance. I’ll just keep telling myself that I’m saving my running legs for Friday when we get retested for our timed mile. Riiiiiiiight.

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10:42 a.m. - 2007-07-25


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