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If you were in the vicinity of the north side of Chicago this morning around 5:50 am and heard a small sonic boom, Iím sorry if I startled you. Yes, thatís right, it was me running my timed mile. Ok, I jest, but I did (for me) an absolutely smokiní run. My initial mile time six weeks ago was 10:59. Today? 9:20. I rock. And who do I have to thank? Hereís the list:

Come Clean Ė Hillary Duff
American Idiot Ė Green Day
Pump up the Volume Ė M.A.R.R.S.
Now That Weíve Found Love Ė Heavy D and the Boyz

And Iím not even going to mention the even crappier songs I skipped through because they were just not motivating me this morning. Do I find it embarrassing that I, little Miss Hipper than Thou Former College DJ, listens to crap while sheís working out? Not if it allows me to shave off 1:39 from my mile time. If it works I say bring on the crap. I believe that one Ms. Smartypants (scroll down to the second paragraph) feels the same shame that I do. Eh, itís not like anyone at the gym has ever asked me what Iím listening to so I guess my shame is secret. Or was until I posted it here.

Of particularly impressive note Ė I almost missed Boot Camp because of a snooze alarm mishap. I re-woke up at 5:18 (class begins at 5:30) and I made it there by 5:29. I even managed to brush my teeth. Not too shabby, but then itís not as if itís a fashion show.

Today was the last Boot Camp class until the next session starts in a week. I had visions of sleeping until the decadent hour of 6:40 all next week but in truth it would probably keep me more on schedule if I go to the gym before work next M-W-F. I think Iíll try to join Wendy for the (as she deemed it) Weights & Hates (full name: Lifting Weights to Hateful Pop Remixes) class on Monday and Wednesday and then take the early spin class on Friday. Since I last took a class there has been a new Ďlaunchí for Weights & Hates so at least Iíll have all new music to hate. Iíll no longer have to associate bicep work with a fake (and cleaned up) version of Fergieís London Bridge, but there will undoubtedly be some other torturous new song for me to roll my eyes at. Hooray.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix. I am tired of typing this, but at least Iím not tired of eating it. Yet. Someone at work brought in bagels today and I desperately wanted to eat one, but since carbs like that are, for me, the thin edge of the wedge, I abstained. But I swear Iím having phantom sensory feelings and I can taste the cream cheese and feel the creamy goodness on my lips.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones three cheese baked ziti. Blueberries. Yum.
Dinner: Iím making fish tacos, so I guess weíll have a side of brown rice, and I might knuckle under and let Steve buy some tortilla chips. I imagine a Corona or two might work their way onto the menu.
Exercise: Boot Camp: timed mile (go me!), sit-ups, push-ups.

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1:54 p.m. - 2007-07-27


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