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The Scale

I really need to weigh myself but I canít seem to find a good time. Anybody who weighs themselves with any regularity knows what Iím talking about. There is an optimal time to weigh yourself and it usually involves nudity or at least very light clothing or a small towel, not having eaten recently, and having peed (having, um, pooped, is a bonus) recently. That was written poorly but you get the gist Ė as little in/on the body as possible. I havenít been able to be near the scale (and it must be The Scale Ė substitutes will not do) at the right time and I donít want to jinx my recent successes by hopping on the scale under less than optimal conditions. Am I a dork or what? But despite the lack of concrete evidence there have been some victories. I have been willing to wear my cute sporty tank tops to the gym. This means that I feel confident that flappage is under control. I still canít wear them to Boot Camp because they donít provide the necessary boob support if we have a running day, but then even when I was uber-skinny I had enough boobage to require sport bras that smash and smoosh everything into stationary compliance. Maybe tomorrow morning will be a good time. If it is, Iíll dutifully report the total. I have only 10 days until Bathing Suit Day. I highly doubt that Iíll weigh 150 lbs., but I also highly doubt that Iíll burst into tears when it comes time to put on the dreaded suit.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Asian style pot stickers & rice, cherry tomatoes (that I grew myself!).
Snack: cottage cheese.
Dinner: Good question. Alli had tentatively invited us over to BBQ, but then she remembered she has to go to a Cubs game. The proverbial cupboard is bare so we either have to go grocery shopping or out to dinner. Iím tempted to go out to dinner but I donít want to fall back into the trap of eating out all the time Ė itís expensive and has hidden calorie pitfalls. Plus, even if we do eat out weíll have to stop by a grocery store because Iím out of Lean Cuisines, Steve needs lunch supplies for the week, and we need some quick-n-easy dinner fixins for the rest of the week. * Ok Ė I called Steve after lunch and we decided to go to Cross Rhodes, a little Greek place where they have a fabulous salad and a tasty egg lemon soup. They do serve beer, but I think Iíll skip the beer in favor of pinching a couple strips from Steves gyros. We can zip by the grocery after to stock up on necessities.
Exercise: This is the week off from Boot Camp but I still managed to haul my ass out of bed and get to the gym early for a Group Power class. Pilates after work.

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3:45 p.m. - 2007-07-30


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