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Squee! I was just reading a review of Becoming Jane and I realized that the romantic lead is played by none other than the hot doctor from The Last King of Scotland. I know where Iíll be on my next movie night with Tam. I know the movie is being soundly reviled by Austen scholars (who apparently call themselves Janeites) but since Iím approaching it less as biography and more as romantic fluff with a snacky lead actor, I donít think Iíll have any issues with whether or not the content is historically correct. Plus, who can beat 90 minutes of basking in the glow that emanates from Anne Hathawayís luminous skin? How is it possible that someone can have such a perfect complexion? I know, I know, itís her job to look perfect and she has a team of people who help her achieve it. Where is my team of people? Sigh.

In good news, my husbandís brother is not coming to the reunion next weekend. Heís the super-skinniest in the family and I know that he usually gives Steve tons of shit for picking up a few pounds since we got married. Please note, that Steve is not fat, not even close, but he is no longer the toothpick that he was when we got married, basically he just filled out to normal size. This was half of my concern Ė although I know heíd never say anything hurtful to me (heís not an idiot) since I had heard him ribbing Steve, I figured if I was Ďrealí family he probably be making oinking noises at me. Iím not sure if the other half of my concern will be there. Steveís cousin is married to a woman who keeps pumping out kids (three by now) and keeps getting skinnier and hotter with every one. Sheís also the nicest, kindest person so itís impossible to hate her. But, I do hate being anywhere within a two mile radius of her because just about anyone who isnít a supermodel looks bad in comparison. Keeping fingers crossed.

Breakfast: Kix, yogurt.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Three cheese ziti marinara (yum), cherry tomatoes, blueberries.
Dinner: I have a small window between spin class and Belly Dancing where I can grab a Buddig sandwich, a snak-pak of cottage cheese and a couple of pickle spears.
Exercise: I could have gone to Weights & Hates this morning at the crack of dawn but since Iím also spinning and Belly Dancing I took the opportunity to sleep in a bit.

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4:13 p.m. - 2007-08-01


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