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Go kitty, go!

Toby, my cat, went to the vet today to get his blood tested to see if the extremely expensive treatment for hyperthyroidism worked and his thyroid levels are back to normal. I won’t know for sure until tomorrow, but the vet was very positive because in the 6 weeks since he received the treatment he’s already gained back 2 of the 2 ˝ pounds he had lost. Go Toby!

Belly Dance was super-excellent last night – I’m really getting hooked. It’s so much more fun to put together a complete dance rather than just drill individual moves. I’m even thinking of going to the extra session that the instructor is holding on Tuesday nights, but I think the ultimate goal of that ‘class’ is a performance. The idea of doing this in front of people freaks me out a little. Actually doing pretty much anything in front of people freaks me out – not just belly dancing. In high school instead of getting up in front of my English class to recite the “Friends, Romans, countrymen” speech from Julius Caesar* I opted to write it. Anything to avoid being alone at a podium or having people look at me. But belly dancing seems different. It totally changes the way I see myself – makes me feel sexy. Even my tummy pooch is a good thing – skinny-minnies don’t have the curves needed to undulate the right way. And better yet – the accessories! I love a new hobby with accessories! I have two Egyptian or Cabaret-style jingle belts – one chiffon, and one velvet (these are the more showy hip scarves festooned with bright shiny beads and jingly coins), and my silk veil just came yesterday in time to use it in class. Today I was trolling around on eBay and I bought a pair of zils (the extra class is going to be learning a dance with zils, so this is my incentive to go get the courage to learn and perform), and a more ethnic looking tribal-style jingle belt (these are the more hippy/earthy looking belts that are usually from Uzbekistan and the area around there) that I can use in class or even wear over a simple black dress or skirt.

* Why, oh why did we have to read such a stultifying play? Shakespeare has plays that are light and witty – why force 14 year olds to read Julius Caesar as their initial introduction to The Bard. Blech – it seriously made me hate Shakespeare until I saw my first stage production of one of his works. Even though it was performed by my high school’s drama club it was so much better and easier to understand than having to muddle through ancient Roman politics on paper.

Breakfast: Kix, yogurt.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Swedish Meatballs, blueberries.
Dinner: I just don’t know. It’s probably going to be another hastily consumed sandwich because I have a personal trainer appointment at tonight. Thankfully I’m going out tomorrow so I can have a real dinner.
Exercise: One hour personal trainer session, 30 minutes of cardio (probably elliptical) before the appointment to warm up.

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4:31 p.m. - 2007-08-02


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