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Workin' for the weekend

I am most excited tonight I am having a Girls Night Out with Megan and Tam and we are heading up to Milwaukee to see Crowded House at the Pabst Theater. That Neil Finn he writes some dreamy lyrics. As Megan will be happy to point out, hes aged really well and is the one man for whom shed leave her long-term boyfriend. I dont quite know that Id go that far but any man that would write, You opened up your door, I couldnt believe my luck, You in your new blue dress, Taking away my breath, has got something going in the romance department. In case one night of Crowded House isnt enough Im going to see them again on Saturday in Chicago at House of Blues. I think Ill enjoy the Pabst show a little more because there are reserved seats and as long as Im not seeing some energetic young band I kind of prefer to sit these days. Hoo boy am I sounding old next Ill start complaining about bunions and bursitis or some other ailment of the elderly.

As if two concerts isnt enough for one weekend I also have a hair cut/color appointment, I have to pick up some Trish McEvoy make-up that the saleslady at Nordstrom conned me into ordering (psssst Trish wheres the bonus buy love? I really do love the mini sized product and the tacky make-up bags and theyd cause me to buy more of your product on a regular basis. Just something to think about.), and then Im going to the Sunday Cubs/Cardinals game with my brother from Texas. Whew Im going to need a vacation day to recover from my weekend!

Dinner last night: quickie Buddig sandwich on 7-grain bun with 2 slices of no-fat cheddar, 2 persimmon cookies.
Breakfast: hold the presses frosted flakes!!!!!, and yogurt.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Three-cheese ziti marinara, a tomato (from my own garden) and some cherries.
Dinner: Im going to the lovely Beans & Barley in Milwaukee prior to the show and they have some really excellent healthy choices Im rather partial to their chicken salad with pine nuts so I think unless they have some dynamite special thats what Ill have. I usually buy some sort of chocolate covered dried fruit for dessert hopefully theyll have chocolate cherries!
Exercise: brutal Boot Camp this morning we ran stairs at the parking garage and then ran down the ramps lather, rinse, repeat. Then there were squats, lunges, ab work and balance work. Whew!

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1:57 p.m. - 2007-08-17


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