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On Sunday I started my new anti-baby pill, Seasonale. Once it kicks into full gear I’ll only get my period every four months – yay! I checked with my doc and she says there are no extra precautions I need to take – the anti-babyness starts right up but she did say there was likely to be some spotting around the time when I would usually get my period for the first couple of months. Hopefully this all means I’ll only get crabby and bloaty four times a year instead of twelve – that would be fantastic. The pack is also much more environmentally friendly – I hated throwing away the plastic compact every month. Before you ask, “why didn’t you just recycle it?,” let me explain that Chicago has a terrible recycling program in place where if you want to participate you have to buy special blue bags for recyclables that then go in the rolling bins with your regular trash and may or, more likely, may not get separated out and recycled at the trash facility. Supposedly we’re going to get special bins just for recycling sometime in the future but we don’t quite know when. I want to be a good recycler but the city makes it hard.

My dad has a date. I think it’s great – a widowed woman that he used to date in high school found out that he was widowed and in a very junior high way had a friend of hers who also knows my dad call and ask if he was possibly interested in meeting for dinner. It cracks me up – my 81 year old dad back on the dating scene. It’s a good thing – I hope she’s a nice lady and that they can provide some companionship for each other. Just don’t mention sex because my dad has only had sex three times and each time resulted in the birth of one of his children. At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

Another sure sign I’m shrinking: my watch band is loose.

Listening to: the first Del Amitri cd from way back in 1985. Dreamy. I wish I had gotten to see them play live when this album was current.

Breakfast: frosted flakes.
Lunch: tiny, luscious Champagne grapes, cherry tomatoes, Lean Cuisine mac’n’cheese – the first entry in the lo-fat mac’n’cheese challenge. The LC version was pretty lame – nothing patently offensive but neither was it really good. I have to admit that I’m not much of a mac’n’cheese lover. I never made and ate the boxes of Kraft stuff the way many of my college contemporaries did (Alli – I’m looking at you…) and the only time I’ve really thought WOW was when I made the Martha Stewart version that uses about $30 worth of very hoity-toity expensive cheese. Maybe this makes me more objective in finding a version that tastes reasonably good because I don’t have a childhood favorite with which to compare it. We’ll see – I have to try the Weight Watchers version and I think if I root around in the freezer section there might be another brand or two to try as well – Eating Right and Michelina’s lean might have versions to add to the list.
Dinner: Buddig beef sandwich on a 7-grain bun, cottage cheese. Blueberries.
Exercise: animal shelter night.

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1:25 p.m. - 2007-08-21


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