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Ugh Ė freezing again today in the office Ė when will I learn my lesson. Tomorrow Iím wearing long pants and a twin-set.

Iím approaching full blown trip-panic mode despite the fact that this is the easiest trip to pack for. I need the following: a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a few t-shirts, a hoody sweatshirt for cold evenings, a swimsuit for canoeing, pjís, slippers, padded bike shorts, sneakers, crocs and a t-shirt dress for our one nice dinner out. Woo. And itís not even like Iím heading somewhere that has no shopping. While there isnít a fantastic array of styliní shops, they do have enough places that I could pick up an extra couple of t-shirts should I need them, including the Bargain Nook where Landís End sends catalog returns and slightly damaged merchandise to be sold for pennies on the dollar. Plus, the have (as Weetabix dubbed it) an outpost of The Man Mall, which despite itís manliness does have a womenís clothing section and last time I was there I found a cute pair of Aeropostale sweat pants with a tattoo motif running down one leg. Bizarre. Oh well Ė Iím sure Iíll over pack anyway and then wind up wearing 10% of what I brought Ė it happens every year why should this one be any different.

Dinner last night: I wound up with a veggie salad that had some sort of oil/vinegar dressing and sesame seeds, a baked/fried chicken pita that was too huge so I ate about three bited of pita and then just picked out the chicken strips. I splurged and had a medium sized mudslide bar which seemed to be a blondie with the following items tossed into the batter: M&Mís, Oreo crumbles, cocoanut, a few raisins, and chocolate chunks. Definitely and thankfully worth the splurge Ė I hate eating something full of calories and having it suck.
Breakfast: Crispix
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Pasta Primavera (***). Pretty yummy and the veggies were actually crisp and not overcooked. Cherry tomatoes, apple.
Dinner: Look out! Iím heading to a fantastic pizza place after my shift at the shelter that has a 2-for-1 deal on Tuesdays. I think Iíll try to order a house salad before the pizza comes so I can fill up on that. Problem with that is they have great pizza but sucky salads. The last one I ordered there was improperly washed and I wound up with a clump of gritty dirt in my mouth. Ew.
Exercise: none Ė animal shelter.

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4:05 p.m. - 2007-08-28


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