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Since I am part of the family in the family business in which I work, I have been deemed trustworthy enough to handle the money. Not just the checks, but the cold hard cash. This comes from many places: money from the pop and snack machines (thankfully in the other building far, far away from me), employee purchases, postage reimbursement, and Fed Ex reimbursements. I received some Fed Ex money this morning and as I was putting it away in the petty cash drawer I noticed that some tool had written on the back of a $1 bill, ďhot digity MEGAN U R HOTT.Ē Oh boy! I know itís true love when my man-boy risks federal offense in defacing government property to declare his undying lurve for me in text-message lingo on the back of a $1 bill. Note to Megan - personally Iíd take nothing less than a Benjamin. A $1 bill doesnít reflect your true worth and hotness and is, in fact, somewhat of an insult. A $1 bill says, ďMEGAN! U R HOTT, but not HOTT ENUF 4 the big BUX.Ē

Ok Ė Iím off to the land of cheese and beer and all other things good for a whole week. I am bringing my laptop and even if I donít post from the farm Iíll dutifully keep track of everything that goes in my mouth and whatever exercise I do to keep it from landing on my hips.

Breakfast: Crispix, yogurt.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones 4-Cheese pizza, 2 small tomatoes, a small apple.
Snack: Champagne grapes
Dinner: Not entirely sure, but I just heard word that thereís a Friday night fish fry at the Hotel New Glarus.
Exercise: I admit it, I skipped the last Boot Camp this morning. I woke up when my alarm went off at 5am and then thought about how Iíd have to leave the class 20 minutes early to rush home to let the dog out, take an unsatisfying shower, dress, and finish last-minute packing all before 7am when Steve would need to take me to the train, and it just didnít seem worth it. I am promising myself that over my vacation I will use the pilates DVD that Iím bringing and I will bike and canoe and get exercise of some form at least 6 of the 8 days weíre up there. Plus I signed up for the next session of Boot Camp that starts right after I get home on September 10th, and Iím also going to sign up for the next session of Continuing Belly Dance that begins September 19th. No permanent slacking off for me.

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2:00 p.m. - 2007-08-31


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