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Jeebus. I sure do love going on vacation for a week but I hate the load of paper on my desk when I get back Ė hence the lack of entry from yesterday. So. I had all the best intentions of keeping track of everything I ate (and drank Ė this is a state of caloric beverages after all and I do tend to have that extra glass of wine if I donít have to get up for work) while on vacation, but I didnít open my laptop once while I was up in Wisconsin and I was keeping a longhand record on the back of as bookmark but that sort of petered out after the third or fourth day. Iíll be honest and say that I didnít really watch what I ate too carefully. OK, I didnít watch what I ate at all, but if you canít have a pound of bison jerky once in awhile what good is living. And it did take me 10 days to consume the bison jerky. The old Poppy would have snarfed it down in a minimum of two sittings. I used my pilates DVD once Ė enough to determine that it sucks and also that a bathroom rug is a poor substitute for a cushy exercise mat. I rode my bike about 20-30 miles three times and 10-15 miles twice so I kept up with the exercise pretty well. Hereís some gastronomic highlights: hard salami and swiss cheese sandwich on rye at Baumgartnerís on the Square washed down with a Huber weiss beer (so good I ate this twice!), amazing BLT with garlic aoli at The Creamery, pork carnitas on homemade tortillas with all the fixings (guacamole, roasted tomatillo salsa, grated cheddar), lightly breaded fish sandwich with a small side of homemade chips, Frank-made moussaka (Greek eggplant dish Ė yum-my), ravioli stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta and shitake mushrooms at The Dining Room, and all this was served up with plenty of good local beer and tasty wines. I donít feel guilty though Ė my jeans still fit. Well, now that Iím famished (didnít all that food sound fantastic?) Iím going to go have a snack pack of cottage cheese to keep me sated. Iíll write more tomorrow about all the hijinx from vacation.

Breakfast: Frosted mini-wheats, yogurt.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Mac Ďní Cheese, tomato, nectarine.
Dinner: Baked tilapia, steamed brown rice, broccolini, Ĺ blondie, Ĺ caramel apple (the desserts were left over from the vacation Ė I couldnít just throw them out!)
Exercise: back to Boot Camp. We were tested in the mile (9:28 Ė I did walk a wee bit), push-ups (41 Ďgirlieí push-ups), and crunches (43), and then we did some relay drills and then some ab work.
Breakfast: cottage cheese snack-pack.
Snack: small bunch pf grapes.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones pasta primavera, tomato, apple (honeycrisp brought back from the ).
Dinner: leftovers from last night (tilapia filet, scoop of brown rice, broccolini).
Exercise: duh Ė itís animal shelter night.

4:39 p.m. - 2007-09-11


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