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This weekend wore me out. Tam and I accomplished everything on our To Do List including seeing The Brave One and Eastern Promise (complete with Viggo Mortensen’s dingleberry although I must admit the scene was pretty gory so I saw only fleeting images of the dingle and the berries because I had my hands over my eyes). We tromped all over the Renegade Craft Fair, briefly zipped through Celtic Fest (can someone please explain to me how cute little girl Irish dancers have morphed into Vegas showgirls?), took the wee doggie for a haircut, and ate at the Flying Saucer, Crust and Fox & Obel.

In other news I managed to suss out my costume for the upcoming Tarts & Vicars party that I will be attending. I was hoping for a sophisticated Tart-look, but I didn’t quite manage that. However I did get some fantastic buys because I bought my entire outfit (costume?) on eBay. I’d say what it is but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I can say that the last component I need is about 8 yards of pink ribbon.

Here’s the food & exercise lowdown for the weekend and today:

Dinner at North Pond: appetizer of soft boiled farm egg with bits of flank steak in a creamy mashed potato puddle, salad of heirloom tomatoes with parmesan/olive oil croutons, entrée of broiled snapper on a base of broiled tomatoes and other summer veggies. Dessert was the trio of sorbets. I did have two glasses of champagne (because I’m worth it, dammit) and two glasses of white wine.

Lunch: Buddig beef on a toasted 7-grain bun with 2 slices of no-fat cheddar, banana.
Snack: slice of banana-walnut bread.
Dinner: organic pizza with summer veggies and goat cheese, one beer.
Exercise: hour-long stability ball class, much walking through the city at the craft fair.

Brunch: 3/4 of a breakfast sandwich with two eggs, three slices of extra crisp bacon, and cheddar cheese (I have to assume it was full-fat), a few breakfast potatoes and a large glass of grapefruit juice.
Dinner: 1/2 of a toasted muffaletta sandwich with amazing skinny French fries. Small bottle of apple juice. Rice pudding (sans the evil raisins) for dessert. Then like an idiot I bought a small bag of chocolate covered dried cherries – I think I ate three.
Exercise: nothing formal but I think Tam and I covered a several miles walking around the city.

Breakfast: baggie of the multi-flake/almond/granola cereal.
Lunch: two pieces of bread dipped in olive oil, small salad of field greens, 1/2 order of rigatoni with Italian sausage & peas in pink sauce (my cousin from Minneapolis came in for lunch). Four choc. covered cherries.
Dinner: Buddig beef on a toasted 7-grain bun with a slice of no-fat cheddar. 6 choc. covered cherries (this is almost it for the evil choc. cherries).
Exercise: Boot Camp – much running, jumping rope, jumping jacks, push-ups, ab work, sprints & plyometrics. Then because I was feeling guilt for the many, many chocolate covered cherries I went to Group Power this evening. Tomorrow I shall be in pain.

10:08 p.m. - 2007-09-17


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