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Cheese, it's a binder.

No, Iím not dead and just because I havenít journaled in over a week doesnít mean that I stopped eating either. Just donít expect to see a neat ordered food list that covers the past week because I canít remember most of it and for part of it I was in Green Bay and you can sum up my eating there in one word: CHEESE! Ok, thatís not really true Ė I was pretty moderated in my eating. I even voluntarily had a salad up in Door County (despite desperately coveting Weetabixís Lillehamburger) and I ordered the raw veggie platter as an appetizer while watching the Packers game, but only to cut the grease from the mini-corn dogs that I also ordered. Speaking of cheese (and get ready for some good olí TMI) I bought a bag of the fresh string cheese from the cheese emporium that we stopped at on the way up to Door County and it has prompted me to make a recommendation. If you are heading to Mexico and think you need to stock up on Immodium, think again. Just buy a bag of fresh string cheese and eat about 3 pieces per day. Iím normally a candidate for severe IBS 9or something like that), but the cheese has managed to stop up my system quite nicely. Thankfully Iím finished with the bag because Iím pretty tired of poop that has corners. Pointy corners. Now just try and erase that image from your mind.

In other news, the lovely Weet was kind enough to share her beauty bounty of full-sized freebies that she receives from cosmetic companies in the hopes that she might write about them. Being a status whore, I rooted through the swag bag and chose an eye cream from LaPrairie because the chances of me ever buying an eye cream that costs a fucking unbelievable $265.00 are slim. Not slim to none because I am easy prey for the cosmetics counter girls, but still pretty slim. In a most amusing turn of fate, a Saks beauty catalog came to the house on Monday and Steve happened to look through it (WTF? Heís so anti-metrosexual that I have to nag him to use moisturizer in the winter when our house becomes so dry that it makes the Sahara look like a fertile delta) and he spotted the very same eye cream that was sitting on the table in front of him. He completely freaked out because he was unaware of the freebie/swag status of the eye cream and thought I had become the mistress of frivolous spending. To which I say, ďoh honey Ė I would not spend $265.00 on eye cream which may or may not live up to its claims of fabulousity when we have things like kitchen faucets and flooring to buy. Just donít look in my closet because then you might notice that there are about 5 pairs of completely ridiculous shoes that Iím waiting to gently work into the rotation in the hopes that you might not notice that they are new. And ridiculous.Ē Iím frivolous, but mostly in the footwear department. Speaking of which, Mike is coming to town next week with one of his new co-workers and I believe Iíll be joining them for a fun-filled night of dinner and shopping. I plan on pleading a case for the Nordstrom Rack because they have a lovely selection of shoes there just ripe for the picking and they are all on markdown so I wonít feel too guilty. And I do need a pair of black (and brown) shoes that I can wear in place of my Dansko clogs because Iíd like to look a wee bit more polished at work.

Breakfast: yogurt based fresh-fruit smoothie, frosted flakes. I heard a report on NPR about how the smoothie craze has hit France but there is a small hitch: French people canít make the TH sound. They played a hilarious montage of froggies all saying Ďsmoosieí and Ďsmoofyí.
Snack: last 3 pieces of string cheese.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine French bread pizza (sucky), sliced tomato, concord grapes.
Dinner: Salad with all the goodies from the salad bar.
Exercise: Boot Camp Ė more running than I care to mention and my most hated Boot Camp activity: we run to a part of the path that dips under a roadway and we do 25 jumping jacks on one end, run down and up to the other side where we do 8-10 push-ups and then turn around and do it all over and over and over again. Because the area is usually a damp and a little bit grimy in the way that only a city park can be Iím loath put my spandex-clad knees on the ground and do Ďgirlie push-upsí so instead I do the real military-style ones that are ouchie. I hate this activity with every fiber of my being, but I still do it because itís good for me. Sanctimonious, arenít I? Then I have a Belly Dance class later tonight.

Things I remember eating/drinking since I last updated (remember Ė that was over a week ago): a beef stick, chocolate covered pretzels, a shot of apple pucker poured directly into my mouth, a crusted snapper filet and an amazing caprese salad, a couple of small omelets, 2 bagels with real cream cheese, chicken yaki soba, a side order of the most excellent pickled beets ever, more diet Coke than Iíve had all year combined, a McDonaldís 3 piece chicken select value meal, a chicken Caesar salad with dressing on the side, a variety of deep fried appetizers that included but was not limited to: mini-corn dogs, fried cheddar thingys, fried cheese curds and spicy friesÖ.there must be more and I know thereís more healthy-ish stuff but itís funny how the amazingly tasty and full-fat versions are what stick in my memory.
Exercise I remember doing: Boot Camp last Wednesday, I had a personal trainer session last Thursday, Boot Camp on Friday morning, I danced my ass off at the Bad Bar in Green Bay on Saturday, more Boot Camp on Monday and Belly Dance rehearsal last night.

And, I bet you all though Iíd forgotten how to add the comments section. Nope, just lazy.

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2:08 p.m. - 2007-10-03


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