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My brain hurts from trying to make spreadsheets balance. At this point Iím willing to just open my wallet and give the bank the correct change and call it a day if it will make everything come out to 0 again. Oh, the glamour of my job.

The above comment was from yesterday. I decided not to post the entry because, well Ė BO-RING. Not that today will be any better. Longer, but not necessarily better.

I am having the most crazy ass craving for a peanut butter & jelly. Actually, itís not so crazy assed because I can trace it to a PBJ I had as a snack last weekend. It was made on close-to-homemade white bread and had Beaís Ho-Made (made by hos?) Door County Medly jam and it was fantastic. I was thinking of having some sort of lame Lean Cuisine ĎAnytimeí calzone as a pre-gym snack but I think Iíll have a PBJ instead. I know that white flour is the Debbil, but PBJís just donít quite taste the same on multi-grain bread. I should probably eat the apple that Iíve been carrying back and forth to work all week but itís just so huge and daunting. Mimi Smartypants describes the horror of the Too Big Apple far more eloquently than I ever could. I knew they were huge when I bought them but at the time it seemed like a good idea Ė now they just seem overwhelming. I suppose I could eat half and throw the rest away (or compost or give it the squirrels) but that seems too wasteful.

Thatís all Ė I Ďgetí to leave a little early to day to take in the bank deposit. And no, sadly thatís not a euphemism.

Breakfast: Frosted Flakes, snack-pak of cottage cheese.
Lunch: Slice of bread w/butter, cup of beef-barley soup, broiled tilapia filet, broccoli.
Dinner: Chicken breast on a multi-grain bun with a slice of no-fat cheddar, chocolate chip cookie, ~1oz. milk chocolate.
Exercise: Boot Camp, spin class, belly dance Ė each a very intense hour. Tomorrow Iím probably going to wish Iíd skipped the spin class.
Breakfast: cinnamon Life cereal.
Snack: ~1oz. shelled pistachios.
Lunch: some sort of Lean Cuisine pepperoni/sausage pizza, sliced tomato, concord grapes.
Snack: Iíll eat that so I donít have one of those cartoon scenarios where Iím so hungry I start to imagine my trainer as a cooked turkey.
Dinner: ultra thin crust brick oven pizza Ė most likely a 4-cheese variety and a spinach, salad. Yes, I do know thatís pizza twice in one day, but the Lean Cuisine hardly counts as pizza. Itís really from some sub-standard pizza-esque food category where cardboard is considered a valid ingredient.
Exercise: Personal Trainer appointment Ė 1 hr., Ĺ hr. warm-up before. Surprisingly Iím not completely crippled from the three hours of exercise yesterday, but my shin splints do seem to feel a bit tender today. Any runners out there with suggestions for easing shin splint pain? And I donít want to hear, ďstop runningĒ because while that does make the shin splints go away they just some back the next time I run on concrete or asphalt.

4:11 p.m. - 2007-10-11


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