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Time is running out

So, I got about 6 inches chopped off of my hair on Saturday. I didn’t plan on having it done, but you know how generally when you go to a salon your hair, hair that had previously been looking terrible for the past week or so chooses to follow Murphy’s Law and look fabulous on the day you’re scheduled for a haircut making you wish that you could postpone your appointment for some other day when you really need it? Well, that wasn’t the case with me. I woke up and my hair looked like crap. Lank, dull, unflatteringly 1970’s-ish. I only had an appointment for color but my guy hooked me up with an open stylist and she snipped away the dead stuff that was weighing my hair down and now I have a swingy, slightly layered, shoulder length bob. I probably look a little older, but definitely more put-together and sophisticated.

There are only 5 days until the belly dance performance. I’m hoping I don’t completely fuck it all up when it comes to the dig day. We only have two official rehearsals left – Tues. & Wed. and then probably a quick run through on Saturday. I think a small group of us may try to practice on Thursday or Friday night and somewhere in there we all have to do some sewing on our costumes which may or may not have arrived yet. Then there’s the matter of the 5K that I agreed to do on Saturday morning. I am such an over-committing idiot. Approaching freakout! Freak to the Out!

Weekend Food stuff:
Saturday: Peanut butter (lo-fat) & jelly (full sugar) sandwich on white bread.
Dinner: Lobster baby! But not a very big one, and yes, I did use some butter because lobster isn’t as naturally tasty as crab. I also has a cup of clam chowder w/ a pack of oyster crackers, a roll w/ butter, three oysters, 4 smoked mussels, and some smoked fish. Yum. I also had a martini (extra dirrrrrty, extra olives), and two glasses of pinot grigio. Oh yeah, and a one scoop ice cream sundae for dessert. When I do it up, I pack it in.
Exercise: Well, due to train-track construction I had to get off at a stop further away from my hair salon than usual. Since I was running late I had to hustle and it was probably about ¾ of a mile. Then when I was done I walked back to the train at a brisk pace.
Breakfast: 3 pieces of extra crispy bacon, a teeny slice of coffee cake, approx. 5 smallish pancakes with butter & maple syrup, and about 1/3# of corned beef hash. Yum.
Dinner: Small serving of pasta w/ marinara and 3 turkey meatballs, one slice of bread, small caprese salad, one cookie, one glass of red wine.
Exercise: Housekeeping – cleaning the bathroom & kitchen and massive amounts of laundry.
Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, cinnamon Life cereal.
Snack: snak-pak of cottage cheese.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones cheesy potatoes & broccoli, sliced tomato, concord grapes, one chocolate chip cookie.
Dinner: Steamed chicken shumai from Trader Joe’s – about 9, edamame, 4 pieces of California roll. Probably a glass of white wine and a cookie too.
Exercise: Boot Camp, 45 minute Pilates class, more housekeeping – the house is a sty.

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4:04 p.m. - 2007-10-15


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