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Time crunch

Today was the last class of the current Boot Camp session (but never fear Ė thereís a four week class starting next Monday and I handed in my $90 check for registration today) and that always means we do a timed mile and one-minute sit-up & push-up tests. Thanks to some truly awful techno music (Darude Ė Sandstorm) and (I am so embarrassed) Bon Joviís Have a Nice Day, I cranked out the mile in 8:52 Ė my new best time (although still the second worst in the class). Tomorrow is the 5K Ė donít get all excited and think Iím going to finish it in a half-hour because I donít think the 9-minute mile pace is something I can keep up for three miles without collapsing at the finish line and barfing up whatever sports drink concoction theyíll be handing out during the race.

Speaking of the 5K, I think I may have overcommitted my schedule a wee bit tomorrow. The 5K starts at 8am and will take approximately an hour. Then I was planning on hitting the local Farmerís Market with my co-runner. This would have been fine & dandy but there was a scheduling mishap with one of our Belly Dance performances. We all thought it was on Sunday at noon, but PSYCH! now itís at noon on Saturday (thankfully I checked the schedule and thought to mention that we were listed on Saturday Ė not Sunday and while surely that was a mistake why donít we call the coffee shop owner to reconfirmÖ. What? Not a mistake? CRISIS MODE!). Oops. Itís definitely the fault of the flakey coffee shop owner because our troupe leader was planning on observing Shabbat with her family on Saturday and although I donít claim to understand much of Judaism, I do get that the performance and all that it entails doesnít really fit with the whole Shabbat thing. Anyway, I have to haul-ass home from the 5K to shower and dry my hair and then run right back out to meet up at someoneís house for dressing, make-up, hair, last-minute rehearsal etc. Weíre done around 1pm and then we get a few hours off before meeting at 6pm at the yoga studio for our next performance. A small consolation is that on Sunday itís all over and I can sleep as late as I want. You might suggest that I flush my registration fee and shitcan the 5K, but then Iíd be a lousy friend. My running buddy has already paid the registration and I donít want to bail out on her because who wants to plod through a 5K by themselves? Oh well, if I can make it through Saturday then Iíll really know that I can do just about anything.

I made an apparel error today. I look fine, itís just that I wish I had decided to pull on a pair of toasty tights under my black t-shirt dress because I am freezing my ass off. Iím also channeling my inner Laura Bennett. Iím trying to wash my hair less (like 2 or 3 times a week as opposed to up to twice a day) Ė this is something that only those of you who spend egregious amounts of money to have a color that is not your own applied to your hair will understand. To the rest of you this is probably something youíd only do under duress Ė like during a heinous camping experience where no showers exist with a 50 mile radius. Anyway, the less I wash, the longer I look like a vibrant redhead and the more time before I have to shell out $165 for a color job (yes, it really is THAT much Ė donít tell my husband or heíd croak). So, with my upcoming schedule I want to have squeaky clean bouncy hair on Saturday for the Belly Dance performance and that means waiting until after the 5K to give it a good scrub. I can usually wear it down for two days after a wash & dry and Iím just past that, plus it was misting this morning during Boot Camp and my hair got a little damp so Iíve got it pulled back in a sleek ponytail. This, coupled with the red lipstick and black dress give me the Bennett touch. Thank god I donít have the eleventy billion children and a pooping turtle to complete the effect.

Breakfast: Crispix
Snack: snak-pak of cottage cheese
Lunch: Eating Right Vegetarian Masala (*** - I loved it, but if you dislike all of your entrťe to having the same texture itís not for you), concord grapes, sliced tomato, chocolate chip cookie (home-baked and about the size of a silver dollar).
Dinner: Buddig pastrami on multi-grain bun with a slice of no-fat cheddar, a couple of pieces of bison jerky, cookie.
Exercise: Belly dance rehearsal ~ 45 minutes.
Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, Crispix. Starbucks small (tall? WhateverÖ) vanilla latte. Our Boot Camp instructor is retiring from class for a few sessions and after our end-of-class tests she jogged us to Starbucks and treated us to a coffee of our choice Ė very nice touch!
Lunch: WW Smart Ones tuna noodle gratin, concord grapes, sliced tomato.
Dinner: Weíre taking a field trip to the coffee house to check out our performance area and they have a nice little menu. Iíll probably have soup and either a slice of quiche or a curried chicken salad sandwich (although the latter would mean picking out the nasty raisins because as we all know: Raisins Ruin Everything). Since they are having Scone Fest this weekend Iím thinking that partaking of a scone for dessert might be part of the plan.

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10:51 a.m. - 2007-10-19


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