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I am so going to die a horrible death hunched, one way or another, over a toilet. At least I hope I can make it to a toilet. I decided to have a snack and picked a yogurt from the fridge. The container was a wee bit sticky but I didn’t give it much thought. I made it about halfway through and then noticed that the side of the container was CRACKED. Aaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhh! And it’s not like I bought this yogurt yesterday. This yogurt has had time to scheme and plot and find ways to exponentially multiply its active yogurt cultures – and not for the good of mankind. What does one get from eating bad yogurt? Botulism? Salmonella? Ebola? I ate half of the container and it wasn’t smelly and it didn’t taste funny – might I have a small chance of being ok? Of course, I’m a bad judge of such things. I once ate a quarter of a package of crackers that I found in our pantry before handing one to Steve and asking, “does this taste a little off to you?” The cracker didn’t even make it into his mouth before he said, “this smells like turpentine – how could you have eaten as many as you did? Throw them away right now.” That little incident didn’t make me sick at all, but then again it didn’t involve refrigerated dairy. I am fucked with a capital F because I have once again dug myself into my favorite hole – a hole called Overcommitment and this hole does not take kindly to illness and other things that make you want to stay in bed or shirk your commitments. Over the next 6 days I have to: go to the animal shelter, go to Belly Dance rehearsal, go to Boot Camp twice, go to Spin, go to the last Belly Dance class of this session, have a personal trainer session, go to dinner & a movie with a friend, go to a pumpkin carving party, meet Steve’s soccer friends for dinner at an Indian Restaurant, run another 5k. Why? Why do I do this to myself? A better question might be, why, if I cam doing all this running around like a crazy person, do I not weigh only 98 lbs? Why has my weight held steady at ~155 lbs? Why am I not wearing size 8 pants? WHY?????

Breakfast: Crispix.
Snack: half of a tainted lo-fat yogurt.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Angel Hair marinara w/veggies, concord grapes, sliced tomato. FYI, yesterday I had an Eating Right vegetarian masala as my entrée – I forgot to mark that down.
Dinner: leftover pasta salad, slice of pumpkin pound cake, glass of red wine.
Exercise: Belly Dance rehearsal – probably not much aerobic activity since this is the first rehearsal and I think this routine is more of a traditional belly dance as opposed to the bollywood dance we just finished with.

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12:40 p.m. - 2007-10-23


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