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I did not die from eating the tainted yogurt, in fact I never even felt queasy unless you count the exact moment that I realized the yogurt cup was cracked which was really more of a mental queasy as opposed to a hugging the porcelain queasy. I did take the lovely Simka’s advice and I drank loads of water and I guzzled a bottle of cran-something juice so I could get some good acids in my system. The good thoughts and the hydration and also probably the loads of preservatives in the yogurt must have prevented the disaster that I imagined.

Boot Camp this morning was a bust – I should have slept in. Half the class was spin/biking oriented but it was sort of lame and the instructor was giving out some bad position advice. You never point your feet down – feet should always be kept parallel to the ground (in fact bike shoes are made with a flat stiff sole to keep your feet in exactly this position) and in general I think it’s a bad idea to do a ‘climb’ while sitting up (hands not on handlebars). In addition, I realize that I’ve had some fantastic spin instructors over the years so I’m pretty spoiled but I expect the instructor to at the very least, know the music that they have chosen and to attempt to match up the music to what we are doing on the bikes – if you want us to climb for 3 minutes then pick a slower song with a heavy beat that’s about 3 minutes long. Sprinting? Pick an uptempo song and have people give an extra effort or switch positions during the chorus - it’s an easy formula. I was so frustrated that I looked online to find local classes for spin instructor certification and I may actually take one in January that is close by and on a Sunday so I don’t have to use a vacation day. The only drawback is that it costs $305 and since I don’t know if I could actually overcome my shyness to lead a class the $305 would be spent mostly so I could be an ass and have the ‘authority’ to correct crappy instructors. Eh, I’m thinking I might take it – I could probably sign up to be a substitute at the dinky spin studio where I take a weekly class and if they ever used me I it would give me a chance to relive my DJ days and force my musical taste on people for an hour.

Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, grande vanilla latte, flax bread with cream cheese. Starbucks anyone?
Lunch: WW Smart Ones three-cheese ziti marinara, sliced tomato, concord grapes.
Dinner: Buddig pastrami on a multi-grain bun with a slice of no-fat cheddar, apple.
Post-belly-celly – it’s the last class of the session tonight and I think we’re going to goof around for half of it and then head to the neighborhood bar & grill across the street for a drink and maybe a snack.
Exercise: lame-o Boot Camp, spin, a little belly dance.

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3:43 p.m. - 2007-10-24


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