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Ok, so by now you probably all know that I volunteer at an Animal Shelter and have been for about 13 years. We do good work for a smaller shelter and have always been proud to say that we have NO PAID WORKERS. Everyone who volunteers at the shelter is just that – a volunteer. That means that any money donated goes straight to helping the animals – mostly for our two biggies: veterinary care and quality and prescription food. There are other incidentals – cat litter, cage enhancements (toys like Kongs for the dogs and Cat Dancers for the cats, and Kuranda beds so the dogs don’t have to sleep directly on the floor of their kennels), and supplies like bleach, laundry detergent, litter scoops, paper towels. Just about the only expense not directly related to the animals is the postage and printing costs for our newsletter. We don’t extensively use sob stories – although we’ve had our share. I however am not above dropping in those links because they show our willinness to spend time and money to rehabilitate damaged animals. We accept all kinds of dogs, including bully breeds and we don’t euthanize for time or space or medical conditions. This year, for the first time at our Holiday Bazaar we’re having a raffle instead of a silent auction and I’m a little freaked out by the newness of the raffle concept and worried that we might fall short of our goal. But, the prizes are pretty good:
• First Prize - $500 Cash
• Second Prize - Photo Session/Package by Sheri Berliner of Petraits per photography
• Third Prize - 4 Cubs Tickets (Box Seats) with Privileged Parking
More than 30 prizes valued at $50 to $100+ each, including:
• 4 Sox tickets (box seats) with privileged parking
• Jewelry by Patricia Locke
• Jewelry by Susan Schaps
• $200 gift certificate from Gethsemane Gardens
• Original signed photographs by Sally Kent
• Quilt hanging with an animal motif
• Custom hand knit shawl
• MP4 player with video
• Restaurant gift certificates
• $50 basket of goodies from Petlane products
• A gift basket from The Cat’s Meow store
Admittedly most of the prizes are only good if you live in the Chicago area, but if you are interested in buying one or a few tickets here’s a link with information on how to do it (sorry, we’re a low-tech organization so you’ll have to call our hotline and leave a message saying you want raffle tickets. If you know me, call me, or drop me an e-mail at and I can personally hook you up.
There – I promise to never again ask you all for anything and I’ll do my best to write a real entry tomorrow. Let’s hope something amusing happens at Belly Dance rehearsal.

Breakfast: lo-fat yogurt, small banana.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones cheesy potatoes & broccoli, sliced tomato, concord grapes. Reece’s PB cup single (so much for not opening the bag of Halloween candy).
Snack: snak-pak of cottage cheese.
Dinner: Buddig beef w/slice of no-fat cheddar on a 7-grain bun, cabbage slaw.
Exercise: Belly Dance rehearsal.

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11:36 a.m. - 2007-10-30


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