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Steve is finally better. He spent the better part of last week and the weekend having some sort of digestive distress. His gut would make a loud protracted groaning sound and then within a minute he’d get a stricken look on his face and scurry off to the bathroom where even our loud fart-fan (yes, that’s really a term contractors use) couldn’t mask the horrible noises and even horribbler smell – Airwick was no match for Steve’s ass. Plus since we currently have only one functioning bathroom, a couple of times I was left hopping up and down outside the bathroom door doing the I Gotta Pee dance while Steve spent his eleventy-billionth minute on the can. At first we thought he’d eaten something questionable but when it lasted five days with no abatement I shipped him off to the doctor who put him on a course of Cipro. It could be the Cipro that cured him but I think it was the threat that if the problems continued he’d be forced to bring in a stool sample to the lab that really cured him. Now, I have my own share of digestive problems, but they are as a result of the no-gallbladder thing and just something I have learned to deal with. But before I figured this out I had to take, keep and drop off a workweek’s worth of poop samples at the lab and let me tell you – this is no fun. It involves putting stretch film over the toilet bowl (difficult to dispose of if the pooping incident occurs at, say, work), a collection device that looks like a tiny spork, and cute little bio-hazard jars. Then there is the shame of handing the brown paper bag holding the five poop vials in at the lab to another person. A person whose job it is to take samples of icky bodily fluids – with a smile. That person? Does not make enough money. All that to tell me that, nope, no bad bacteria, your poop is fantastic poop. So, Steve was a little familiar with the process – enough that he might have willed away his problem so he didn’t have to spork his own excrement into a test tube. Whatever – it’s gone now – hooray! However, I did tell him that although it’s normally my job, this time he’d be cleaning the bathroom.

Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, Crispix
Lunch: Eating Right cheese ravioli (yuck – it tasted like the raviolis were filled with reconstituted chalky cheese and the marinara sauce was not particularly an enhancement. I think I’ll stick to the WW Smart Ones pasta entrees but unfortunately I think I have a couple of the Eating Right ones in the freezer), sliced tomato, concord grapes.
Dinner: pasta with pesto sauce, a slice of bread, salad with spray-on Asian dressing, a glass of red wine and likely a few pieces of candy (two Reece’s PB cups).
Exercise: Boot Camp – lots of weights while standing on a Bosu. My shoulders hurt now and I bet tomorrow it’ll be even worse.
Breakfast: frosted flakes (I’m making an effort to not completely stuff the bag), mini-Twix (shut up – it was staring at me from the office table where I dumped out the yukky stuff from our Halloween candy and we didn’t have Twix at my house so I felt it was ok to take one)
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Swedish meatballs (yum), sliced tomato, concord grapes, one Reece’s PB cup.
Dinner: I’m going out with Steve, my dad and a friend of the family whose husband is off gallivanting around with his mistress (seriously, but she can’t really complain because at one time SHE was the mistress. Karma – it goes around). We’re going to a fish restaurant so I should do just fine as long as I avoid the yummy clam chowder and the key lime pie. I can do this.
Exercise: Day off, but I did sign up for another 5k that takes place on Nov. 18th - the Lincolnwood Turkey Trot. A new twist? Unless one of you wants to sign up with me I’m doing it on my own. And yes this is an invitation – I’m much more likely to blow off the race if I don’t have a race-buddy. I run about a ten minute mile but I’m willing to try to kick it up a notch if you’re a faster runner (that said there’s little chance I’d be able to break a 9:30 mile). However, don’t expect sparkling conversation – I wear an iPod so I can be motivated by bad pop music and drown out the sounds of over a thousand pairs of feet hitting the pavement which would only serve to remind me of the monotony that is running.

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3:35 p.m. - 2007-11-01


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