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Awhile back I said that I rarely blog/journal/diary about beauty products and I proceeded to ooh-and aah all over the shampoo and conditioner I’m using. Well, I’m going to do it again. I have a very (really it’s barely noticeable to other people, but you know how the slightest flaw seems like a major disfiguring skin rash when it’s on yourself?) mild case of keratosis pilaris which is the fancy medical name for the little red skin bumps that are frequently found on the back of upper arms that usually get called chicken skin. I only have a few bumps per arm, so it’s more of a vanity thing than a real problem (if that was the case I’d be hightailing it to a dermatologist). The best thing for the problem is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate, but most of the body scrubs I have are oily and I don’t want to clog the pores any more than they already are. I got a sample of Dermadoctor’s KP Duty Body Scrub (with chemical + physical medi-exfoliation – oh boy!) and it has worked like the proverbial charm. Granted, if you have paper-thin sensitive skin I’d stay away because this scrub basically feels like sand encased in a bit of lotion-y goo but man does it ever get the dead skin off. I think there’s also something in the lotion-y goo that’s supposed to help the situation as well, but I haven’t read the whole site to find out what it is. All I know is that yes, it is $44 for a tub, but sign me up because my upper arms are smooth like a Ken doll. Yes, Tam – that reference is for you.

Friday dinner:
Wow – what a restaurant! We had naan bread with a quad of dipping sauces (spinach, cashew, lentil and yogurt/cucumber) – I had two triangles. I had a salad of roasted beets over some yummy goat cheese and frisee, and as an entrée I had walleyed pike with wilted greens and a few herbed gnocchi. For dessert one of my friends and I split the chocolate cake for two which was a joke – I’d like to see the two people who could finish that slice! It was about 8 layers high and the slice was about a sixth of the cake. I managed one measly layer (so did my friend) and we split the rest to take home. Steve and I still haven’t finished it. I did indulge in two cocktails – a Bellini and some sort of Asian spicy cocktail that was fabulous. It was a lot of food, but the salad was earmarked on the menu as ‘healthy’ and the entrée was fish so not too bad of an evening.
Brunch: package of cheddar/wheat crackers and a package of ‘toasty’ crackers with peanut butter. We though they’d be selling sandwiches at the antique show but were sadly wrong.
Snack: 4 pieces of sushi – 2 California roll & 2 vegetable roll.
Dinner: Woo-baby – if you’re going to blow it, blow it BIG! But, in my defense I had hardly eaten anything all day. We went to a new restaurant downtown, A Mano. I had two small slices of bread dipped in olive oil, we split some sort of appetizer that is made from minestrone soup thickened with bread, sliced and then lightly fried – sounds gross but was actually fantastic. Then we split an appetizer pizza (Steve ate more than me – about 1/3 to 2/3), and for an entrée I had a roasted chicken breast with escarole and white beans. For dessert I had three small scoops of gelato – two pumpkin and one vanilla. To drink I had three glasses of red wine and we split a glass of sherry with dessert bombs away!
Exercise: much walking – probably 5 miles at least.
Brunch: 6 pancakes (~ 3-4” across) with Promise spread and maple syrup
Snack: a piece of bison jerky
Dinner: I made about 2 gallons of chili using ground bison. I had a small bowl over a little pasta and I had about an ounce of real cheddar on top and a fistful of oyster crackers. We had a little bit of the chocolate cake for dessert and I had a beer with dinner.
Exercise: none unless grocery shopping counts.
Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, frosted flakes.
Snack: ~ 1oz. pecans
Lunch: sliced tomato, WW Smart Ones cheesy potatoes with broccoli w/ some added Brussels sprouts roasted w/ shallots – it figures that this would be the one time that Weight Watchers saw fit to put in a decent amount of broccoli into the cheesy potatoes so I guess I’m set for vegetables today.
Snack: small apple
Dinner: bison chili over a little pasta w/ 1 oz. cheddar and a handful of oyster crackers.
Exercise: Boot Camp – ½ hour of intensive hill-climb indoor cycling, ½ hour of abdominal work.

3:10 p.m. - 2007-11-05


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