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Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Yesterday I get a real treat – both Weetabix and Mike were in the local vicinity for work related activities and that meant a meet up for shopping and dinner, also attended by Tam! and Mike’s co-worker Lynzi. Shopping in the shoe department of Nordstrom’s was perhaps not such a great idea because I ‘needed’ another pair of shoes like I need a hole in my head but I am going to a wedding on Friday and I have a new dress to wear and I wanted to match it with a pair of retro pumps that wouldn’t kill my budget or my feet. Luckily Nordstrom started their half-yearly sale for women yesterday. Conversely, that is only a bonus if you decide to buy shoes that are, you know, on sale. Actually, one of the pairs I bought was on sale. That’s right pairs. Hello, my name is Poppy and I have a shoe addiction problem. I did find a fabulous pair of red patent shoes to go with the dress, but then I also found a pair of black round-toe flats on sale (now I can toss my ratty ballet flats in the garbage – for real) and a pair of supah-sexahy black heels that don’t necessarily go with anything I own but were so damn sexy that I just had to buy them Um, why yes, this has happened before when I was with Weet and the rhinestone mules? Have not yet left my home. But I have worn them IN my home. Never you mind why I was wearing them – PERVERT!). Click the link at your own risk – I am not responsible for the hotness melting your eyeballs. I don’t care of all I do is put them on to clean out the cat litter box – I will find somewhere to wear them. I also indulged in a pair of over-engineered Asics running shoes that probably won’t make me go any faster or farther but DAMNATION! I will look hot while I wear them! Particularly if I take Weet’s suggestion and pair them with black track pants and a silvery blue technical top. Plus then I can throw out one of the grungy pairs that I have in the current rotation.

So this wedding. I’m taking tomorrow off because it begins at 4:30 way, way out in the sticks and it will take approximately an hour and half to get there meaning that I would have to leave work at noon further meaning that I would have only been at work for a few hours so why not just use up some of the vacation time I have coming. I suspect that there will be a full mass involved. Whatever –just don’t expect me to know when to kneel and mumble the canned responses – I usually just sit there and think snarky thoughts about what other people are wearing. I myself am wearing a fabulous dress that I bought at a teeny boutique in Madison, WI, and now awesome red patent leather retro pumps. I was trying to figure out what to wear on my legs because it has turned mofo cold here and plus I don’t want to display my pasty unattractive legs to the general public. Weet suggested a fine gauge nude fishnet (yeah, yeah, yeah – I KNOW it’s not going to provide much warmth but at least most of the pastyness will be hidden) and for once in my life I actually have the item in question. Normally when I have to find a specific item I’m forced to go on a quest of mythic proportions wherein every hosiery department (or whatever department) I visit is staffed by someone who looks at me quizzically and then says, “yeah, we had TONS of those last year/season and they sold really well but they just didn’t reorder them and so we’re out.” This time I am prepared.

Aside: Oh my god – if I never have to hear someone nattering away in Tagalog again it will be TOO SOON! My cube-mate has been on the phone constantly over the past two days with her brother, mother and friends. Gah. I know I’ve said it before but Tagalog has got to be one of the most unattractive languages around. If you’re my one Philippine reader, I’m sorry, but it’s awful and it makes me want to stuff pencils in my ears – pointy end first – to relieve the jabbering.

Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, Crispix
Lunch: cup of butternut squash soup, slice of bread with butter, lake perch filet almondine with mixed vegetable medly, fun-size Reece’s Pieces.
Snack: small banana
Dinner: about three slices of onion bread with butter, salad with vinaigrette, pretzel crusted fish sandwich (I probably ate a little over ¾) a teeny cup of cole slaw, a fistful of French fries and then ½ of a slice of amazing pumpkin pie. Red wine flight that probably equaled two medium glasses. I definitely ate too much and too much rich food and I felt most stuffed.
Exercise: Boot Camp – lots of cardio work on the Bosu ball (hopping over it and squatting – ouch) and also strength training. I thought today would kill me, but I’m still here so it couldn’t have been too bad.
Breakfast: Crispix, snak-pak of cottage cheese.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Swedish Meatballs, fun-size bag of Reece’s Pieces.
Snack: small organic banana
Dinner: Bowl of bison chili over some pasta with grated full fat cheddar and a handful of oyster crackers. A beer and a Reece’s pb cup.
Exercise: It’s personal trainer night!

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