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Ok – for reader Dawn, here’s the shoe links from my inappropriate buying spree with Weetabix: the running shoes (and no, I didn’t pay that much for them – I think they must have been on sale), and the black flats. For some reason I can’t find a link to the red patent heels either on the Nordstrom site, the Zappos site or the manufacturer site. They are made by Fornarina and they were super comfortable because they have some sort of rubberized sole that absorbed shock and wasn’t slippery at all.

Real entry coming later today!

Weekend food rodeo - today (that would be Monday) is at the very bottom:
This is going to be tough to remember but I’ll give it a shot.
Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie
Lunch: 2 soft boiled eggs w/ a piece of toast.
Dinner: wedding food that was actually good and I ate too much of. Ok - I’m embarrassed to list all of what I ate. But here it goes: Appetizer course: four chicken croquettes (lump of white meat chicken with some cheese breaded & deep fried, two spinach/feta phyllo triangles, two teeny tenderloin stackers (tiny piece of bread with a smear of horseradish topped with a square of tenderloin with a teeny pickle slice on top. 2 glasses of red wine. Lemon sorbet as a palate cleanser (pretentious!) Dinner: cup of lobster bisque with a multigrain roll, lame house salad, entrée of beef tenderloin (I only had about 4 bites before foisting it off onto Steve because it was too rare for me and besides – after all those appetizers I was stuffed!) and chicken breast. I did eat the chicken breast, and it came with veggie medly and cranberry risotto. Dessert was a square of tiramisu which I absolutely could not finish. I had a glass of champagne and a glass of red wine with dinner. Later McDonald’s cheeseburgers were brought out (the wedding was in the Hyatt Lodge which is technically on the campus of McDonalds headquarters) and I had one. Man, I just read back through that it sounds so decadent and disgusting.
Exercise: Boot Camp – I can’t remember what we did but I’m sure it was awful.
Brunch: slice of cold deep dish pizza – sausage.
Dinner: Steve and I decided to be frugal and eat from the freezer. We made Trader Joe’s shumai (I had 5) and shrimp gyoza (I ate about four before I decided they were gross and freezer burned) and a scoop of brown rice – again with the crunchy rice! Why is it that every time I make rice for the dog to eat it turns out great but when it’s for human consumption I somehow screw up? Blech. One beer.
Exercise: housework including manic vacuuming and scrubbing of bathroom fixtures. Later, seething evil thoughts towards the cat who barfed on my just-vacuumed rug. Evil thoughts must burn loads of energy.
Brunch: 2 egg omelet with real cheddar and about 1 oz. of hard salami. Piece of toast.
Dinner - again with the embarrassing list: BBQ pork sandwich, small tub of cole slaw, fistful of French fries, 4 or 5 smallish onion rings, 3 or 4 mac & cheese wedges (battered, deep-fried wedges of mac’n’cheese – these are the creation of the devil because only he could think of such a dastardly good thing), ear of corn, pint of beer. Dessert was the most wonderful, perfect Dairy Queen small dipped cone.
Exercise: ½ hour on the elliptical, ½ hour of weights.
Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, Crispix.
Lunch: sliced tomato, Eating Right vegetarian masala, apple.
Dinner: slice of meatloaf (made with lean ground beef), broccoli, a couple of roast fingerling potatoes. Single Reece’s pb cup. Glass of wine.
Exercise: Boot Camp – running/sprinting (I truly thought I was going to barf), then an intensive half hour of ab work (more worrying about barfing – note to self: no huge meals the night before Boot Camp).

10:15 a.m. - 2007-11-13


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