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I forgot to post this yesterday – here ya’ go.

I kicked some major (major for me anyway….) ass at the Turkey Trot 5k this weekend. People, I finished in 29:36. In case you don’t recognize the significance, that’s UNDER 30 minutes. Woot! I shaved another minute and a half off of the time from my last race in October. This race was extremely well organized and although the official race shirt was butt-ugly the running shop that sponsored the race decided to give away leftover shirts from previous events and I scored a very attractive long-sleeved technical t-shirt that will give the impression that I ran either a 10k or a 10 mile race. Ri-iiiiiight. My only ‘problem’ with the race was that the after-race food was too good. I’m used to the banana, hard bagel and bottled water routine that is all too easy to skip, but in addition to all the usual comestibles this race had slices of cheese pizza, cups of minestrone soup, coffee, fresh juices by Naked, and mini bottles of Kefir yogurt beverage. I’ll admit it - I ate three slices of cheese pizza. Don’t tempt the hungry with naughty food – it’s a losing battle of the wills!

I have a week off from Boot Camp so instead of sleeping in the extra hour I got up and went to the gym anyway. My neighbors take a Group Power class on Mondays and Wednesdays and they offered to take me. Considering that I was none too careful about what I shoved into my mouth this weekend I figured it was a pretty good idea to tag along, so I met them in front of our houses at 5:15 this morning. When we got back and I was walking towards my house I said, “Hey look! There’s a cat on my front stoop!” Then I looked a little closer and as I started to run towards my house I said, “Oh fuck*! That’s MY cat!” Apparently I didn’t shut the door all the way when I left for class and then when the newspaper was delivered it must have hit the door and pushed it open. Wendy took that opportunity to waddle out onto the porch area, but she was just as happy to waddle back inside when I rushed up the steps. Luckily Toby isn’t exactly the brains of the operation and he was still asleep on the bed with Steve probably completely unaware of his missed opportunity for freedom – and a good thing too because he’s a spazz and probably would have freaked out if he made it to the sidewalk and been long gone by the time I got home. My neighbors thought it was funny that I was far less concerned that Steve was possibly bludgeoned to bits by an intruder than I was by the fact that my cat (s) may have wandered off.

* I quickly threw an apology over my shoulder towards my neighbors because they are of the non-swearing variety, which reminds me that I need to clean up my potty mouth.

Weekend food:
I swear, I can’t remember everything, but here’s most of the low-lights in no particular order: weinerschnitzel with spaetzle, hackepeter (yup, that would be steak tartar), cup of goulash soup, ½ dinner roll with butter, 2 fried chicken wings, side of pasta with mushrooms in a light olive oil/lemon sauce, side of green beans, grilled chicken sandwich (made extra yummy/bad with the addition of two strips of bacon and a slice of cheddar) with a handful of fries w/ ketchup, 2 beers, 2-3 glasses of red wine, one Jagermeister over ice, 3 slices of cheese pizza, 8 oz. of Naked juices, cup of minestrone, banana, ¼ Greek chicken with rice, cup of egg lemon soup w/ oyster crackers, slice (piece?) of pita bread, 5 or so strips of Steve’s gyros, soft boiled egg and a slice of toast, 2 fun-size Reece’s pieces, slice of banana bread, vanilla cupcake.

Weekend Exercise:
5k run, 1 hour Belly Dance rehearsal.

Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, Kashi trail mix bar.
Snack: snak-pak of cottage cheese.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones three cheese ziti marinara, small banana, tangerine.
Dinner: Two slices of Whole Foods organic thin-crust pizza, a few bites of a really horrible salad and a small scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Lighten Up! Cookie Dough ice cream, one glass of red wine.
Exercise: Group Power (weightlifting to bad pop remixes) class – 1 hour.

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