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Hellooooooo! Thanksgiving sure screwed up my almost regular posting. Luckily it didn’t screw up my diet. I was pretty good over the whole weekend – my only regret is eating a bunch of cookies and three pieces of crappy pizza at the animal shelter Holiday Bazaar. I swear I only did it because I was trapped like a rat with nothing else to eat. I was even good on Thanksgiving and only had one helping – amazing how I wasn’t uncomfortable the whole rest of the night. Huh? How about that? Now I’m back on the wagon again ‘delighting’ in my frozen lunches.

I was going to write a belly dance rant about how I can’t stand half of the women who are participating in the clusterfuck that is the dance school production of the Nutcracker (we’re the Arabian Dancers in the second act), but then I chickened out because what I was going to say was pretty (OK, really) mean and I started to worry that there was a miniscule chance that one of them might stumble across these ramblings and then be totally offended and blackball me, so I’m holding my tongue. I will say that women of a certain age would do best to not try to look like teenagers because the effect of wearing tank tops makes you look like a stewing chicken and brings to mind my mother’s favorite saying, “mutton dressed as lamb.” Also, lay off the tanning booth – orange is not the new black. And hey! You! If you’re hard of hearing – WEAR YOUR FUCKING HEARING AID. See? M-E-A-N.

What I can rant about is the fact that this wee performance is less than a month away and the only portion of our costume that has been procured are the veils which so far remain in their undyed blistering white color. No pants, no tops. Shit – we’re going to really be the hit of the performance if we come out there nude doing our best Sally Rand impersonations as we try to stay behind our (white and therefore see-through) veils for the entire routine so we don’t get arrested. I can say with authority that there is maybe one person in the whole troupe who wouldn’t be completely mortified about having to be nude in front of an audience and it sure as hell isn’t me. We had better be making some costuming decisions stat and getting our order placed. Update! Orders have been placed and red velour choli tops have arrived – now we’d only be half-nude.

Intensive Boot Camp started yesterday – we had the traditional first day testing but this time there was a spin. Instead of a timed mile they had us run for 12 minutes. I unwisely chose to pace myself behind a woman who is a better runner than I am and although I now know that I can run an 8-minute mile, I also know that it’s a bad idea - I spent the rest of the class trying to hack up a lung. In addition we did a one-minute sit-up drill but it wasn’t crunches, it was full elbow-touch-knee sit-ups, and then we did as many push-ups as we could – basically it was torture. I was worried that I’d need a day to recover but I did just fine today. We split up into two groups because the class is too huge for words (note to the overly nice people at my gym: Learn how to say no – if the class is too full no-one is happy). By chance I was in the lamer of the two groups (few former Boot Campers and many older ladies) so I got to feel superior as I lapped people on the track. I think I should try to stay in this group as much as possible because I push myself harder when I actually have a chance to be the best – if I’m lower on the totem pole I cop a ‘why bother’ kind of attitude. We have to keep a food log for this session – I guess I’m one step ahead of the game because I already do that. I’m hoping one of the nutritionists at the gym will look over our logs – I’d love to get a little free advice.

Food Log:
Dinner last night (DLN in the future): baked ginger/soy tilapia filet, steamed brown rice (I finally got it right – no more crunchy rice!), broccoli w/Promise spread. Glass of white wine and 2 cookies.
Breakfast: Kashi bar, lo-fat yogurt smoothie.
Snack: no sugar applesauce.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine egg roll w/ rice, small banana, cup of sliced strawberries.
Snack: snak-pak of cottage cheese.
Exercise: Boot Camp, Belly Dance rehearsal.

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3:28 p.m. - 2007-11-27


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